Amazon App Download & Offers

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Amazon App Download & Offers

Amazon App which is also known as the Amazon Shopping App Download can bring you an exclusive set of offers and other benefits that you could be missing out on while shopping on Amazon desktop site. Download the Amazon App or the Amazon Shopping App here on your android phone, iPhones or a microsoft phone and also in the apk format, all in one place.

What is Amazon App?

Amazon Shopping App is the definition of shopping convenience. The Amazon App lets you do everything that you can on the Amazon desktop site which includes:

  • Shopping
  • Wishlisting
  • Purchasing On Offers
  • Getting Cashbacks
  • Browsing through the products
  • Get Purchase Guides on highly technical items like Refrigerators, Washing Machines, etc.
  • Cancelling Orders
  • Returning Orders

But, the Amazon Shopping App gives you additional services. That is, apart from being at your fingertips, it gives you early access to Offers and Deals on Big Sale events like that of Amazon Great Indian Diwali Sale, Amazon Great Indian Sale, etc., exclusive offers that are not available on the desktop site of Amazon website and additional cashback offers on the App, compared to the Amazon Desktop. Thus, you get ample reasons to download the Amazon App and keep the largest online retailer in your palm.

Download Amazon App: Based On OS

Downloading Amazon App is very simple and can be done in two ways.

Process 1

Steps to download Amazon App
  1. From your mobile browser, visit the Amazon home page.
  2. Once the page opens, you will see a pop-up clicking on which, will get you redirected to another page.
  3. Here, you need to click on the install button, to download the Amazon App on your phone.
  4. Once, the Amazon App download is complete then, the button may or may not cahnge to open.
  5. In case, the install button changes to open then click on it to lauch the Amazon App.
  6. In case it does not, then you will be notified when the Amazon Shopping App is successfully downloaded.
  7. After you get notified, find the Amazon app from your Mobile Menu and click on it to open the App and go shopping online.

Process 2

Steps to download Amazon App
  1. Click on the below links, based on the operating system of your phone.
  2. Click on Install.
  3. Wait, till the Amazon App is downloaded on your phone.
  4. Click Open and start shopping and wishlisting.
Download Amazon App For Android Google Play
Download Amazon App For iOS (iPhone) iTunes
Download Amazon App For Windows Microsoft Store

Download Amazon App apk File

You can also download the Amazon Shopping App in the apk file format and install the Amazon App on any smartphone later. To dopwnload the Amazon App in apk file, all you need to do is click here.

Amazon Shopping App Offers

There are quite a lot of offers and deals for you, if you are on the Amazon Shopping App. The list is long but the Offers are pretty interesting and thus you might not want to miss them at all.

Amazon App Treasure Hunt

Amazon App Treasure Hunt is an exclusive app only event which happens fewes in a year, sometimes before a sale or sometimes on normal days. One can play the game only on the Amazopn Shopping App thus for playing the game one has to download the Amazon App. When the treasure hunt is live, one gets to see the Treasure Hunt written in colourful font blinking on the top left of the Amazon Home page. Clicking on which you get to see clues every few minutes, which is generally 15 minutes. The clues are about a product and all you need to do is find the product before others do and buy it for free. Once you find it, add to the cart and check out as soon as possible. The game is fun and if you are the smart shopper then, you are in for some free stuffs.

Amazon App Early Access

If you are on the Amazon App, then you are going to be lucky on many occassions because most of the Sale on Amazon give early access to the amazing deals and offers to the App Users. The early access to the Amazon App users give you an upperhand on the offers, so that you get to claim them before the stocks get exhausted. Download the Amazon app for early Access to great savings.

Amazon App Exclusive Offers

Many a times, Amazon hosts exsclusive offers for the Amazon App users that can not be availed on the Amazon Desktop or mobile site. For the exclusive deals and offers on Anmazon, Amazon shopping App download is a must.

Amazon App Extra Cashback

Along with various other benefits, being on Amazon App helps you get additional cashbacks on bank offers. Mostly, during Sale on Amazon, one gets to see banks offering cashback offers. Bank Cashback Offers on the Amazon App is higher than on the Amazon Desktop Site, which means that you save more on the Amazon Shopping App. Suppose, if SBI is offering a 10% Cashback on Amazon during a Sale then SBI will offer a 15% Cashback on the Amazon App during the Sale.

Thus, one needs to download the Amazon App on Android, Windows or iOS phone, apk file to get an unmatched shopping experience anywhere and anytime.

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