Amazon Echo Alexa: Launch Date In India, Expected Price & Offers

By Ananya Roy
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Amazon Echo Alexa: Launch Date In India, Expected Price & Offers

Amazon Echo is the magic that is offered from the house of the world’s largest online retailer. Amazon Echo might just look like any other regular bluetooth speaker but it is actually so much more than just being a hands free speaker. The more you know about it the more you get amazed by this Amazon invention. We are here with everything you must know about Amazon Echo and be amongst the population to eagerly wait for Amazon Echo to come to India, know its Price, variations and of course get introduced Alexa and the offers that would come with Amazon Echo & Alexa.

Amazon Echo Specifications

Amazon Echo is a smart device developed by that not only gives a 360° immersive sound with an excellent voice quality and responsive bass. The cylindrical device is bluetooth enabled and thus can be connected to any of your personal devices. But till here, the specifications are pretty common and does not make Amazon Echo any different from other bluetooth speakers in the block. The only thing which sets it apart from others and sets it at the top of the game is Alexa.

Meet Alexa:

Alexa is the voice assistant that has been developed by Amazon and that is the speciality about the Amazon Echo. Alexa answers your questions and takes care of you. Ask her to play music, she will; ask her to play the news, she will; ask her about the weather report, that too she will. If she is connected to your device then Alexa can also take care of your calls while you are busy doing your work in the kitchen or somewhere else. Alexa is the assistant that you ever wanted, who doesn’t take a day off from work and works for you without complaining. While the wake up call for this assistant is Alexa but that can later be changed to Amazon, Echo or Computer.

Amazon Echo is nothing without Alexa, so it needs an active internet connection to be the magical device it is. The 9.25 inch cylindrical body with 7 microphones on Echo makes it easy for Alexa to hear you across the room even while the music is playing. Amazon Echo & Alexa together makes an attempt to make our homes smart by reacting to voice commands. Amazon Echo and Alexa together can make and receive calls, answer questions from google and wikipedia, play music, play news, weather reports, google calendar and many more, messaging, voice shopping deals, can connect to Amazon Video on Fire TV and has a whole lot of unimaginable skills. Alexa can book an Uber, Order Pizza from Domino’s, Track your fitness with Fitbit, Control TV and also switch on and off electronics and appliances like lights, AC, Fan, Heaters, etc. Alexa keeps getting upgraded and keeps adding skills making Amazon Echo a family more of a family member than any device. Alexa is always listening for her wake word to get started.

Amazon Echo Variations

  • The Amazon Echo has 4 variations till now but the one that we consider when we say Amazon Echo is the 9.25 inch Cylindrical Hands free Speakers that comes with a power plug and weighs around 1.064 Kg and produces 360° immersive sound and is priced at $179.99 which means in India it will be priced at (expected)Rs. 11,599.
  • Amazon Echo Dot is the smaller version of the Amazon Echo, which weighs only 163 grams and is only 1.3 inch tall. Though Amazon Echo Dot has in built speakers, but considering the height of the device, the sound cannot be compared with the Amazon Echo. Apart from the lagging immersive sound, everything else is at par with the Amazon Echo and also can connect to other external speakers to overcome that shortfall too. Priced at $49.99 which in the Indian Price is would be around Rs. 3,499, is the smart device which is not only affordable by many but also easy to carry because of its super compact size.
  • Amazon Echo Show is the advanced version of the Amazon echo because it adds the unfulfilled space of a screen to enable video calling as well though the sound quality cannot be compared with the Amazon Echo but Amazon Echo Show can assist you in not missing any moment. Weighing at 1.174 Kgs and at 7.4 inches, the Amazon Echo Show has a great sound quality and also shows you live videos or any videos anytime you want apart from just making video calls. The amazing device is priced at $229.99 which will be around Rs. 14,999 in India Rupees.
  • Amazon’s Echo Look is the last variant of Echo that works with Alexa to give you a smarter life. With the name itself you can understand that it has something to do with your look. The Echo Look is basically built to be your style assistant with four LED lights and a camera of 5MP with a depth sensing technology that also intelligently blurs the background and helps you see yourself from every direction, click pictures, create a fashion profile, compare styles and share styles with your group instantly to get reviews. But all this only comes as an addition to Alexa’s normal routines such as answering your commands like playing music, news and what not. The 6.3 inches tall Echo Look is priced at $199.99 in the US, which is around Rs. 12,999.

Amazon Echo Launch & Release Date In India

Amazon Echo has been launched in 2014 in US and released in 2015. The device till now has been released in two other countries apart from US and they are UK and Germany. We can hope and pray that like Amazon Fire TV Stick which took 3 years to get a release date in India, so taking that as consideration Amazon Echo to get a launch & release date in India by the next year which 2018.

Amazon Echo Price and Offers in India

Amazon Echo though has not been launched in India yet but is being expected to get a launch and release date by next year but we are the price and offers on all the variants of Amazon Echo in India.

Amazon Echo may not have launched in India yet, but if you are one of those who cannot wait to make your home smart then you can buy this advanced technology from Ebay at the below given price.

Amazon Echo Variants Price in $ Price in $ with Offers Price in Rs. on Ebay Expected Price in India Price with (Expected)Offers in India
Amazon Echo $179.99 $99.99 Rs. 17,490 Rs. 11,599 Rs. 6,499
Amazon Echo Dot $49.99 $44.99 Rs. 5,749 Rs. 3,499 Rs. 2,999
Echo Show $229.99 Buy 2:Save $100 Rs. 24,450 Rs. 14,999 Buy 2: Save Rs. 6,500
Echo Look $199.99 Free Shipping (Exclusively Available By Invitation) Rs. 28,999 Rs. 12,999 No Offers to Show

Reviews on Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo has been able to pull some attention across the globe and the positive reviews on Alexa and echo devices are causing the popularity growth and the growing anticipation around the device. Some 3 countries have been able to get access to Alexa and Echo on Amazon and others are eagerly waiting for it. Though some has shown Privacy concern around it regarding Alexa listening and recording always but Amazon has been able to suggest a possible solution to that too. The people who have used Amazon Echo are extremely satisfied and has given Amazon Echo 5 stars.

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