Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2018 Offers: 10% Cashback With HDFC Credit/Debit Cards

By Ananya Roy
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Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale 2018 Offers: 10% Cashback With HDFC Credit/Debit Cards

Amazon HDFC Offers. Amazon HDFC Credit Card and Debit Card offer provides a big attraction for customers thus luring them to buy products from this e-commerce site.Amazon India’s famous e-commerce store has partnered with HDFC bank to bring on board some of the finest HDFC credit and debit card offers. This marketing offer is provided by HDFC Bank Limited. All nationals of India having HDFC bank credit and debit cards will be eligible to avail this offer. This Amazon HDFC Offer can be used to buy different kinds of products from different categories like Electronics, Home Decor, Beauty Products, Clothing and Accessories.

Cashback With HDFC Credit/Debit Card

One will get 5% cash back which shall be credited to one’s account in the form of reward points.This offer will work only for successful single transactions. In order to fetch rewards in the form of cash back offers on HDFC Credit/Debit card one has to make a minimum transaction of Rs 5000 or above.They can avail this facility from the Amazon desktop website, mobile site or mobile app.Those items or orders which have been cancelled will not be eligible for the cashback offers. Before clicking the “pay” button one has to be sure that he wants to buy the product, only then should one go ahead. Net banking transactions are not included in this Amazon HDFC offer.

Customers can opt for other bank’s cards or they may go for cash-on-delivery. So, promoting these offers in front of the existing e-commerce site makes more people vouch for this offer. It facilitates repeat transactions. Amazon HDFC offer ensures that the bank remains the preferred method for online transactions.Customers will thus use their card instead of rooting for that of a competitor. It will thus indirectly help to broaden their customer base as more people will end up using the cards of their bank.

In order to increase their customer base, they further increase the cashback amount during Diwali providing the “Amazon Great Indian Festival Offer”. The customers will be entitled to 15% cashback on the Amazon mobile app and 10% cashback when you are shopping from the Amazon desktop website.

How to get the HDFC cashback offer?

As such,there are no special steps that has one has to go through for availing this offer.The entire process is very easy so that even those who are not so comfortable with technology can take advantage of these amazing Amazon HDFC offers.

Steps to redeem cash back points:-

  • One can log in to one’s net banking account for HDFC bank after typing in the ID and password.
  • On the top of the header there is a cards tab and one can go to the Debit cards option on the panel’s left side.
  • One can click on “Enquire”.Then one can select the “Cash back Enquiry and Redemption option”.
  • One can select the account to check out the number of cash back points that one has at his disposal.
  • In the following step one can confirm the number the number of cash back reward points that one wishes to transfer.
  • The cash back will be credited to the debit card account within 48 hours of placing the request.

Where do I get other Amazon offers from?

You can get other Amazon Offers from

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