Amazon Kindle Price & Offers, Kindle App Download In India

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Amazon Kindle Price & Offers,  Kindle App Download In India

Kindle is a device developed by Amazon to make every avid reader happy. While Kindle has four variations in terms of the device, seeing the craze in people Amazon has also come with the Kindle App that does not require you to buy a device but enables you to read unlimited titles right on your phone. Download Kindle App or buy Kindle, the device after comparing the options and the Kindle Price and start browsing through the millions of e-books across every genre.

Kindle Price

Kindle is a device, exclusively meant for reading. A gift to the bookworms, who can replace the hardcopies with e-books on Kindle. Kindle has released variations and are available in different prices in India. Its a device that is exclusively designed to assist you in reading with features like:

  • No Glare
  • Long Battery that extends upto weeks
  • Saves you from distractions like calls & messages
  • No Blue light to disturb your sleep
  • Does not strain eyes
  • Pick from where you leave
  • You can take side notes
  • Instantly look a word on the disctionary through internet to find its meaning amd increase your vocabulary
  • Adjust Text size

These features and more enhance your reading experience, without having the need to go to the bookstore each time to buy, manage to stock the hardcopies which becomes a problem to store at times and no need to carry extra luggage and increase the weight by carrying books. You can read equal or rather more number of titles in the form of ebooks in a device that fits in your hand bag.

All New Kindle E-Reader Price

It is a 6", light weight Kindle device that can be held in one hand and used for hours without any trouble. The Kindle is available in two colour variations, White & Black. The Kindle Price is the lowest in comparison to the other variations and is priced at Rs. 5,999 only but being on Amazon, it means that you can buy it on a lesser price with Amazon Offers & Deals.

Kindle Paperwhite Price

Kindle Paperwhite is a 6" device with a high resolution display. Available in Black & White, the Kindle Paperwhite is available in two other variations, one with Wifi and the other with Wifi+Free 3G, weighing 205g and 217g respectively. The Kindle Paperwhite Price is a little higher than the Kindle E-Reader amd is priced at Rs. 10,999, which is generally like other products on amazon is seen on Offers & Deals with dangling discounts.

Kindle Voyage Price

Kindle Voyage also like Kindle E-Reader and Kindle Paperwhite comes with a 6" display but is not available in any colour variations. The Black device has rather has two variations in terms of connectivity, one with a Wifi Connection and the other with Wifi+Free 3G, weighing 180g and 188g respectively. The Kindle Voyage has adaptive built-in light and Page Press Sensors.

  • Kindle Voyage Price (Wifi): Rs, 16,499
  • Kindle Voyage Price (Wifi+Free 3G): Rs. 20,499

Kindle Oasis Price

Kindle Oasis is not only the most high priced amongst the Kindle Devices but also is one of the most developed. The Kindle Oasis is waterproof, has built-in light and boasts of adaptive light sensor, comes in two connectivity variations: Wifi & Wifi+Free 3G and two space variations which is also new in the Kindle Oasis unlike other Kindle Devices which sports only 4GB, Kindle Oasis sports two variations in space: 8GB & 32GB. The Only Black Kindle Voyage is a 7" device that weighs 194g.

Kindle Oasis Price: Starts from Rs. 21,999

Kindle App

Kindle App is an ultimate readers app. Kindle App Download is absolutely free and can be downloaded on any device. So, not having a Kindle device does not keep you away from reading millions of titles anywhere, anytime. With Kindle App, your books are always with you amd you can read from the largest library online choosing titles across the long list of genres.

  • Free Download
  • Kindle App also acts as a reader that lets you read downloaded PDF files on your device.
  • The highligh of the Kindle App is that you get to buy e-books on the app itself.
  • You get Sample of the books to read you want to buy.
  • With Kindle Unlimited, you can read unlimited books online on the Kindle App without the need of buying them or downloading them thus sacing your device space.

e-books On Amazon Kindle

  • With the new age reading, e-books are much in the trend because of the ease of reading it gives. You can read e-books anytime, anywhere on the Kindle app which is a free download and get access to millions of books without the need of actually carrying them. e-books are convenient to read because, on Kindle you pick up where you leave, adjust font size and also look up the meaning of words instantly enriching your vocabulary. e-books are available of every title that you know of and many titles now on Kindle are only released in the form of e-books. Buy, e-books from Amazon or on the Kindle App and experience a new way of readsing on your device.

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