Amazon Refer and Earn Offer: Earn Upto Rs.200 On Each Referral

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Amazon Refer and Earn Offer: Earn Upto Rs.200 On Each Referral

Amazon Refer And Earn Offer is a referral program conducted by where you can earn cashback while referring Amazon app to your friends, relatives and all the people you know. provides you ample opportunity to refer Amazon app to your friends and relatives. Unlike other shopping portals, has indulged itself to this Refer & Earn program and has taken a step closer to making more and more Amazon users. In this process both and the users are benefitted in some way or the other. There is no limitation on number of referrals one can do. So, you can take full advantage of this Amazon Refer & Earn scheme and earn cashbacks. The referral will also be benefitted by cashbacks in this process. Let’s dig in deep into Amazon Refer & Earn Offer to know more on the offer.

Amazon Refer & Earn Offer provides a great opportunity to all its users to earn cashback while referring Amazon app to all they know. To make everyone benefitted in this whole process, is providing Rs 200 on per referral to the referrer and Rs 100 as sign up bonus to all the referrals. So, if you are a new customer who created a new profile by using some other people’s refer link and also successfully availed Amazon Refer & Earn Program, then you can avail both the facilities. Also make sure you are sending your referrals the referral link from where they need to download the app first and install them on their smartphone and tablets. Then they need to signup on the portal to receive Rs 100 as signup bonus after the first purchase where the minimum cart value is fixed to Rs 300. The referrer will get Rs 200 as referral bonus within 30 days after your friend’s package has been delivered. Make sure that you do not use multiple accounts to avail this Amazon Refer & Earn Offer as you may invite peril. Amazon is very cautious about all these facts and will immediately freeze your Amazon accounts and you will never be able to shop again on So, it is highly recommended that you genuinely utilise Amazon Refer & Earn Offer.

Steps To Avail Amazon Refer & Earn Offer

Availing Amazon Refer & Earn Offer is not that hard. There are two sets of steps to avail this offer of which one is for the referrer and the other is for referral. You must follow some below mentioned steps to avail Amazon Refer And Earn Offer:

Steps For The Referrer
  • Visit Amazon and sign up.
  • If you are an existing customer, log in using your login credentials.
  • Visit the Amazon Refer & Earn Referral Page.
  • Select Refer & Earn from the page. You will be provided with a referral link along with a referral code which is unique to every account.
  • Share the link to all your friends and relatives or any people you know via E-mail, Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike or any other social media.
Steps For The Referral
  • Use the referral link your friend provided to you via any social networking site or e-mail and download the app right from the link. Make sure you do not have any account on Amazon using that number from where you are going to sign up.
  • After successful download and installation of the Amazon app, open the app and apply your friend’s referral code.
  • Buy anything from of minimum of Rs 300 or above. Do not buy Gift Cards and Kindle E-books as this offer is not valid on Gift cards and Kindle E-books.
  • After your order will be delivered to you, you will receive Rs 100 as sign up bonus.

Terms and Conditions of Amazon Refer & Earn Offer

There are a couple of terms and conditions laid down by that you must follow before proceeding to avail Amazon Refer & Earn Offer:

  • You must have a valid (active) Amazon account to refer Amazon app to other people.
  • The referrals must download and install the app from the same link sent to them as a referral link by their friends on the same day.
  • The referral must be a new customer of and must not be any returning customer or existing customer.
  • The referral must purchase something on the same day other than Gift Cards and Kindle E-books of minimum of Rs 300 to avail this offer.
  • The purchase of Rs 300 or above must not include shipping, handling, packaging or gift wrapping cost. The item price has to be Rs 300 or above.
  • The referral must not cancel the order prior to shipment as this will violate the rules of availing Amazon Refer & Earn Offer.

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