Amazon SBI Offers: 15% Cashback With SBI Credit/Debit Cards

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Amazon SBI Offers: 15% Cashback With SBI Credit/Debit Cards

Amazon SBI Offer: If you are a proud owner of a SBI debit or Credit card who happens to love and shop from amazon then we have a good news for you. Amazon has initiated a new 15% cashback offer for specific holders of SBI debit and credit cards. With this offer, if you are a rightful holder of a Sbi card which is either a debit card or a credit card, then you will be able to purchase any product such as a mobile phone, laptop, electronic gadgets, home appliances and many such big and small products with a massive 15% cashback offer. This offer is valid on mobile application of Amazon India where you can avail the 15% off offer if you make payments through your SBI debit or Credit card. This cashback amount which you can get on any product will be transferred to the cardholder’s primary account specifically. The minimum transaction on which this offer is valid is from a minimum of Rs 5,000 only. So, you will be able to enjoy this exclusive offer only if you order products of or above Rs 5,000 only. Along with that, the maximum cashback amount which one can get is Rs 1750 per card account on every single transaction. Therefore, now shopping within a marginal budget also gives you additional benefits.There is also a special 10% cashback offer with SBI debit and credit card on Amazon website as well. However, the most important point which is to be noted is that if any order is cancelled then the user will not be eligible for any such cash back offer.

Offers Available On Different Products With The SBI Credit And Debit Cards

There are a number of different products on which you can avail this Amazon SBI offer. Amazon and its unique and different sales and offers allow you to purchase different products at marginally low rates. Some of the products which you can purchase with this SBI card offer is various electronic and phone products like the famous Iphone And OnePlus. Other products on which you can avail this offer are washing machines, musical instruments like guitars, headphones, tablets from Lenovo and other renowned companies, speakers, computer accessories and much more. So do not wait out on this chance and hurry and order every product you have been craving for, since a long time, without any delay. In order to find more exciting offer you can check out these amazon coupons from here.

Steps To Avail This Offer

In order to avail this offer all you need to do is

  • Order from the amazon India website or Mobile Application
  • This order should not have a cash on delivery payment mode as the offer only applies through net banking methods only.
  • Instead of making payments on delivery your payment needs to be made from a SBI debit or credit card only.
  • The minimum order amount required to avail this offer is Rs 5,000.
  • As soon as you click the order button, you will be eligible for the Rs 1,750 cash back offer.

By following these simple rules, you will be the few special one who gets to shop for products at cheaper rates along with receiving an added benefit of 15% cashback as well.

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