Amazon Washing Machine Offers: Upto 50% Off On Fully Automatic Top Load and Front Load

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Amazon Washing Machine Offers is here to assist you with your household chores, specifically in washing clothes that too with discounts. Amazon washing machine offers are available on both semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines and on all top and trusted brands in the category like LG, Whirlpool, IFB, Samsung, etc. Get exciting offers on Amazon washing machine exchange offer.

Amazon Washing Machine Offers

The decision of buying a washing machine can be easier but after seeing the multiple types of washing machines, the decision might not remain as easy. So here, along with the Amazon Washing machine offers available, we are going to give you a quick guide to help you take the right decision in buying a washing machine and customise offers accordingly. So that, not only you find the most suited washing machine but also get the right Amazon Washing Machine Offers.

Amazon Washing Machine Offers- By Type

The very first thing to see is the type of the washing machine. Amazon Washing Machine Offers, coupons and prom codes are available on all types of washing machines, but you get to decide which one you need.

There are namely three types of Washing Machines, which are:

  • Fully-Automatic Top Load: Fully Automatic Top Load Washing Machines use more energy than the semi-automatic washing machines, but has in built features like steam wash, that the semi-automatic machine did not have. The machine is of single tub and that is why it takes lesser space, more convenient for people living in small apartments, and manual intervention is not needed.
    Amazon top load fully automatic washing machine offers
  • Fully-Automatic Front Load: The washing cycles are the longest in this type and the wash quality is the best amongst all the other types of washing machine. It uses the same amount of electricity as the Fully Automatic Top Load Machine does. Most of the machines have built in heaters and allow quick drying of clothes and are equipped with many features like quick wash, fuzzy logic, delay start and steam wash.
    Amazon front load fully automatic washing machine offers
  • Semi-Automatic: The Semi-Automatic Washing Machines use the least amount of electricity compared to the other two types, but need manual intervention as the washer and dryer of the system are different and the load needs to be shifted manually to dry after washing. Additional features like steam washing, timer, fuzzy logic are not present on the system and the water can be added manually.
    amazon semi automatic load washing machine offers
  • Washer: Washers are low on energy and cost too, with no features but simply washes the clothes. Drying the clothes is not possible as the dryer is not there.

The following table consists of the Amazon Washing Machine Price List and Amazon Washing Machine Offers based on the Type of the machine.

Washing Machine Type Starting Price Amazon Washing Machine Offers
Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Rs 6,490 Upto 40% Off
Fully Automatic Top Load Rs 10,990 Upto 35% Off
Fully Automatic Front Load Rs 15,990 Upto 35% Off
Washer Rs 3,989 Upto 15% Off

Amazon Washing Machine Offers-By Capacity

Along with Amazon washing machine offers, coupons and promo codes are also available for washing machines that will let you buy washing machine on a discount price based on capacity. The capacity of the washing machine is measured for the amount of load it can take. Your capacity need can be judged from the size of your family like:

  • For Singles and Couples= 5Kg
  • Family of 3= 6Kg
  • Family of 4= 7Kg
  • Large Families= 8Kg

So with the above mentioned chart, you now know how much capacity your washing machine should have for your family. Amazon Washing Machine Price List and Amazon Washing Machine Offers based on the capacity of the machines are listed below, for you to choose from.

Washing Machine Capacity Starting Price Amazon Washing Machine Offers
5 Kg Rs 5,590 Upto 35% Off
6 Kg Rs 3,989 Upto 30% Off
7 Kg Rs 4,090 Upto 52% Off
8 Kg Rs 7,690 Upto 36% Off

Amazon Washing Machine Offers-By Brand

The next consideration and equally important one is the Brand. In the times of Brand fascination, Brand selection is an important part and especially when it involves high budget purchase majorly because of the trust factor. Amazon Washing Machine Offers and coupons also promo codes are available on exclusive brands as well.

Here is the list showing the Amazon Washing Machine Price list based on Brands and Amazon Washing Machine Offers for you to choose from.

Washing Machine Brands Starting Price Amazon Washing Machine Offers
IFB Rs 15,999 Upto 15% Off
Whirlpool Rs 8,499 Upto 20% Off
LG Rs 15,990 Upto 20% Off
Samsung Rs 12,222 Upto 25% Off


Why should I buy washing machine from Amazon?

There are many reasons for buying washing machine on Amazon:

  1. The ease of buying from home, comparing products, placing order, without the hassle of going to retail shops.
  2. Amazon Washing Machine Offers, coupons and promo codes that give amazing discounts on washing machines.
  3. You can buy washing machine by exchanging your old machine as well.
  4. The delivery of the product is scheduled according to your convenience.
  5. You get easy installations despite buying online.
  6. You can also buy on EMI, that too with the option of zero down payment on Amazon.

When should I buy Washing Machine?

You can buy washing machines anytime using Amazon washing machine offers, coupons and promo codes from Coupon Chaska. But during Amazon Sale like Amazon Great Indian Freedom Sale, Great Indian Diwali Sale, Amazon Prime Day Sale and more, you get big offers on large appliances like washing machines and get to save more.

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