Upto 45% Off On Aquaguard, Kent & Pureit On Amazon Water Purifiers

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Amazon Water Purifiers is a category from Amazon that stores a large range of water filters and purifiers from the best brands in the segment like Kent Water Filters, Aquaguard Water Purifiers, Pureit Water Purifiers and more combined with offers and discounts. One of the most trusted and preferred online shopping site, aims to deliver you the best purifier for home and workplaces, so that you only drink pure water. The Amazon Water Purifiers range along with the electrically operated water filters also boasts of a good collection of water purifiers without electricity to cater to the needs of everyone.

Offers & Brands available on Amazon Water Purifiers

Amazon Water Purifiers are offered by the most trusted brands of the particular industry. You get to choose from great variants in terms of price and machine types from the most in demand brands like Pureit from Hindustan Unilever, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard and Kent.

Upto 40% Off On LivpureView Offer
Upto 50% Off On Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Water PurifierView Offer
Upto 35% Off On Kent Water PurifierView Offer
Upto 10% Off On Moonbow Water PurifiersView Offer

Aquaguard Water Purifiers Price and Offers

Water Purifier Type Price Offers
UV Starting @ 4,909 Upto 25% Off
RO Starting @ Rs 9,499 Upto 10% Off
UV + RO Starting @ Rs 12,995 Upto 25% Off
Water Purifiers Without Electricity Starting @ Rs 1,619 Upto 20% Off

Water Purifier Aquaguard- Water Purifiers from Eureka Forbes Aquaguard are available in all variables which is UV based, RO based, UV + RO and water purifiers without electricity which are the Gravity based Purifiers.

Kent Water Filters Price and Offers

Water Purifier Type Price Offers
UV Starting @ Rs 8,500 Upto 35% Off
RO Starting @ Rs 13,499 Upto 30% Off
UV + RO Starting @ Rs 15,979 Upto 20% Off
Water Purifiers Without Electricity Starting @ Rs 1,399 Upto 45% Off

Kent Water Filters- Kent Water Filters offer water purifiers in all variables as well which are Gravity Based, UV based and UV + RO based catering to the different needs of people depending on the different TDS value of water in different areas.

Pureit Water Purifiers Price and Offers

Water Purifier Type Price Offers
UV Starting @ Rs 7,990 Upto 15% Off
RO Starting @ Rs 9,854 Upto 20% Off
UV + RO Starting @ Rs 16,399 Upto 20% Off
Water Purifiers Without Electricity Starting @ Rs 2,739 Upto 20% Off

Pureit Water Purifiers- Pureit water purifiers offers to serve you with clean and pure water and protect you from all the water borne diseases with systems that are Gravity based, UV based, RO based and RO + UV based.

Along with these brands you will also get Water filters from other brands like LivPure and LG in the category Amazon Water Purifiers.

Amazon Water Purifiers- Types

Amazon Water Purifiers can be segmented into four classes based on the types which are:

  1. UV- UV water purifiers use the ultra violet rays for purifying the water. Amazon Water Purifiers of this type can be the best choice if the Total Dissolved Solid which is also abbreviated as TDS is less than 200 ppm in the water of your area.
    • Kent Water Filters, Tata Swach and Aquaguard Water purifiers are stocked in this category of Amazon Water Purifiers at a starting price of Rs 4,909.
  2. RO- RO water purifiers use the reverse osmosis process to purify the water and can be considered best for home or any other place if the TDS content in the water is between 200 ppm and 500 ppm.
    • Kent, Tata Swach, Eureka Forbes Aquaguard, LG and Pureit are the brands that are offering RO water purifiers on Amazon Water Purifiers at a starting price of Rs 8,199.
  3. RO + UV- For the waters which has TDS content between 500 ppm and 2,000 ppm, it is prescribed that water purifiers using both RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultra Violet rays) for water purifying should be used.
    • Kent Water filters, Pureit Water Purifiers, water purifiers from Aquaguard and Livpure water filters are stocked in this segment of Amazon Water Purifiers at a starting price of Rs 11,800.
  4. Water Purifiers without electricity- Also known as the gravity based purifiers, Amazon water Purifiers boasts of a great collection in this segment from brands like Tata Swach, Pureit, Kent, Livpure and Eureka Forbes.


Why should I buy Water Purifiers from Amazon?

Amazon Water Purifiers is a well stocked segment on one of the most popular shopping website in the world which beholds the best products from the best brands of the water purifying systems in the best offers and largest possible discounts.

How do I know about the offers that I can avail on Amazon?

You can directly visit couponchaska.com and take a look at the coupons available on the Amazon Store of the website. On finding the best suited coupon for you, click on the ‘view offer’ button which directs you to the Amazon page with the product. You need to add the product in your cart and proceed to checkout to avail the offer using the coupon. You would not need a promo code for availing the offer, just by clicking on the ‘view offer’ button on the coupon the offer gets activated.


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