Axis Bank Movie Ticket Booking Offers: Bookmyshow, PVR, INOX

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Axis Bank Movie Ticket Booking Offers: Bookmyshow, PVR, INOX

Axis Bank Movie tickets offers are one of those such deals which are truly hard to resist. The reason for this exciting offer to be so irresistible is that axis bank allows its cardholders to get free tickets via bookmyshow every month. Do not be surprised as this is not the best part of the deal. The deal entails that axis bank burgundy debit card holders can get upto 4 movie tickets free every month. Along with that, the axis bank priority debit card offer allows you to get 25% discount on movie tickets above Rs 350. There are many more such offers on bookmyshow with axis bank credit and debit cards. For more details about such enthralling offers, continue reading.

Axis Bank Cards Offer Details
Burgundy Debit Cards Buy 1 Ticket, get 1 Free
Priority Debit Cards 25% On Rs 350 Movie Tickets
Titanium Rewards(+) Debit Cards 5% Off On Movie Tickets Booking
Neo Credit Cards 10% Off On Movie Ticket Booking

The Axis Bank Burgundy Debit Card Offer: Bookmyshow Movie Tickets

The Axis Bank Burgundy Debit Card Offer allows users to get amazing offers through bookmyshow. Through your burgundy debit cards you can now maximize your movie experience by enjoying a free ticket on the purchase of two such movie tickets. Through this offer you can now purchase movie tickets for two seats and get one free ticket along with that. This can however be done only if you book your movie tickets from the exclusive burgundy debit cards. You can get lucky enough to get four free movie tickets on the purchase of 5 tickets. So you will only have to pay for five tickets while nine people enjoy the movie.

The Axis Bank Priority Debit Card Offer: Bookmyshow Movie Tickets

Axis bank has decided to go all out with its numerous credit and debit card offers. With the alliance with bookmyshow, axis bank’s another debit card: the priority debit card, users can now get upto 25% off on movie tickets worth Rs 350 or above. Through this offer, you can get a monthly benefit on Rs 350 of movie tickets and on Rs 60 of beverages while you enjoy your movie. This special offer is available till 31st March, 2018 and can be availed any day of the week.

The Axis Bank Titanium Reward And Rewards + Debit Card: Bookmyshow Movie Tickets

One of the four such Axis bank card offers with bookmyshow states that if you own a reward or a rewards + debit card from axis bank then you get a chance to receive a 5% off on movie ticket booking from bookmyshow. The maximum amount which can be discounted per month is Rs 200. So no you do not have to worry about spending a little too much on movie tickets, even if you are a movie buff. This offer is valid any day of the week till the 1st of May, 2018. So, now you can enjoy the offer for a long period of time, every month.

The Axis Bank Neo Credit Card: Bookmyshow Movie Tickets

Last, but not the least. There is another exclusive offer from axis bank lined up for the card holders. This time for the credit card users. The Neo Credit Card Offer from Axis Bank is valid for anyone owning the neo card. This offer is valid till the 31st of March, 2019. So you do not have to worry about missing out on the upcoming releases in the absence of this offer as this deal is here to stay. The offer in itself states that if you are an axis bank neo credit card holder then you can 10% off on movie ticket bookings with bookmyshow. The eligible neo credit card holder also gets a benefit of Rs 50 per month as well.

Methods To Avail Movie Ticket Offers From Axis Bank

The method to avail these offers are pretty much the same. In order to cash on the offer all you need to do is go along with the regular ticket booking procedure for selecting the movie, the cinema, the time etc. after this, you can proceed to the page which asks you to make the payment. Here, type in your required information; which is your mobile number along with your email id and click on ‘avail offers & discounts’. Post this, you can select the method of payment as net banking/ debit card/ credit card. Select the offer which states either of your card’s name. For instance select the ‘Axis Bank Neo Credit Card Offer’ or the ‘Axis Bank Priority Debit Card Offer’ from the offers drop down list. You can then enter the 16 digit credit/debit card number and tap on the ‘check’ button. After following through all the procedures, you will be an eligible candidate to avail the exciting offers. For more such deals and discounts with axis bank, check out axis bank coupons

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