Posted By on Sep 20, 2016


Senior Citizens are the matured personalities of our society. They have seen the world a lot and majority of them are skeptical over any advertisement of a product or services displayed on any internet platforms. Some of them are not much familiar with internet platforms like e-commerce portals, social media and others. They may be frequent on social media but not so much acquainted in following the evolution of technology that has given birth to clicking on a link displayed on Facebook in order to check any products on the homepage. Earlier business have given importance to social media advertisement to attract customers but not senior citizens. So, to attract senior citizens on internet platform, especially on social media realm has to be visually eloquent enough to capture their attentions by not making the matter obfuscating.

Facebook is a social media platform common to senior people since it went live on the internet. They connect with their dear ones through this platform and loves to experience the features of a digital medium. However, if a business striving to boost their digital market is looking forward to target senior online audiences, then certain psychological trick has to followed for better connections and better network. Major sections of the online senior audiences gets drawn to those products or services where details are displayed in organised manner and convey everything about it. Thus, putting taglines would not be enough, and the requirement of highlighting precise and concise details are necessary along with light colored background. Senior people detests bright things.

Other things of utter importance is to answering their questions and interacting with them in amiable manner. To them first impression is the last impression, so a business has to appear positive and ready to resolve any issues. Since senior citizens looks for comfort and care, a business too has to appear caring and point out those benefits that appeals to their comfort and benefits. Lastly, a business must understand that most of senior citizens are skeptical but it is not that they detest a product or service, it is just that they want to safeguard themselves to become a victim of anything fraudulent. So in Facebook, a business must try to communicate efficiently with them and show them that whatever product or service displayed before them are indeed authentic and could change their lives.

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