Top Five Must Watch Movies

Posted By on Apr 22, 2015

Movies are an art. While some may find them cheesy and a waste of time, it is apparent that movies as a force have been responsible for shaping public opinion and even altering them. Documentaries are able to showcase problems very well. Some propaganda films have proven how vital films are to the society. While their influence might not always be good, it is wrong to deny that they have no influence at all. It is impossible to compress the entirety of film history into one article, so we will just highlight some of the most famous, influential movies that changed the world.

  1. The Godfather

Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpiece, coming in the wake of the massive success that was Apocalypse Now. This movie is probably the only example of a movie being as good, if not better, than the book. Mario Puzo’s vision is brilliantly realized by the director, and the performances (Al Pacino as Michael Corleone, Marlon Brando as Vito Corleone) are brilliant. This contains what is perhaps one of the most chilling scenes of all time. Catch the sequel for a brilliant Robert de Niro performance.


  1. Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock’s most well-known film, this movie inspired countless thrillers and slasher films in the years to come. That shower scene is still iconic, and the movie is famous for instituting a policy that didn’t allow people to enter the theatre after the movie began screening. This was because Hitchcock felt that people would be cheated if they missed any part of the movie. After watching the entire movie, it is easy to see why he felt that way. A must for any horror fan.


  1. Citizen Kane

Widely considered one of the greatest movies ever made, Citizen Kane tells the story of a millionaire, Orwell Kane, and his slow decent into madness. It contains many revolutionary techniques, and a brilliant story telling. This movie is a must watch for any classic film buffs.


  1. The Shining

Stanley Kubrick and Jack Nicholson joined hands for this brilliant screen version of Stephen King’s novel. The spooky setting is a lesson for any budding film maker. Kubrick’s brilliant use of atmosphere and the haunting sound track make this movie one of the scariest ever made. That axe scene is iconic, and the actress’ terrified screams still echo, cementing The Shining’s place in movie history.


  1. Pulp Fiction

The movie that brought Quentin Tarantino into the world. This movie inspired the nonlinear narration concept in cinema, and we only have the director to thank. Five different stories, all culminate in the end, and are tied by some common elements. It revitalized John Travolta’s sagging career, and made the entire world sit up and notice. The violence and brilliant dialogue add to the worth of this movie. Any Tarantino movie is worth a watch, and the conspiracy theory that all his movies are set in the same fictional universe is well worth a thought.

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