Dominos Garlic Bread Free on Minimum Order of Rs 350

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Domino’s garlic bread Offer: Domino’s has some great offers lined up for us. Be it for pizza or our favourite side dish which is the garlic bread, everything is provided to us in a platter. Domino’s tries to make our experience a much more satisfying one with its numerous offers and deals. This American restaurant chain knows our love for their mouth watering pizzas along with their appetizing garlic breads and therefore has brought to all its pizza lovers a chance to get garlic breads for absolutely free on orders Rs 350 only. Yes, this is a pretty shocking news for all food lovers and if you want to know more about this exclusive offer which has been brought to us by Domino’s then read below.

The Domino’s Garlic Bread Free Offer

The love for garlic bread, for one and all is never ending. So Domino’s, in the chase of making every customer happy has brought to us another exciting offer where you will get garlic breads absolutely free on orders above the price of Rs 350. Yes, this is no joke and is as real as it gets. Domino’s lets you enjoy your very favourite garlic bread without having you pay a single dime for it.

The Weekend Offer From Domino’s

This offer is valid exclusively on weekends and cannot be availed during the weekday. All you need to do in order to get this offer is order a pizza worth or above Rs 350, which is anyway the amount you would be spending on pizzas. Therefore, your weekends will never be the same after this offer. Call in your friends for lunch, order the best of the pizzas you can get from domino’s and simultaneously enjoy the yummy garlic bread which you will get for free. Another surprise awaiting for you is that, these garlic breads are not the only item you get in this offer. In order for you to enjoy these garlic breads, domino’s gives a free treat of the cheese dips on the side as well. You can also check out the Domino's offers starting at Rs 150, from here.

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