Domino's Wednesday Offer: Upto 40% Off On Pizza

By Ananya Roy
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Domino's Wednesday Offer: Upto 40% Off On Pizza

Domino’s Wednesday Offer is the mid-week spur to satisfy our craving for a Margherita, or a cheesy fresh pan pizza topped with some olives and jalapenos and some oregano sprinkled on top by the name which comes second to delicious Pizza, Domino’s. Anything that has anything to do with a Pizza makes our tongue twist and sets our salivary glands active and one such stimulus is Domino’s Wednesday Offer.

Domino's Pizza On Wednesday: Have More In Less

Discounts on anything causes excitement but discounts on Domino’s Pizzas cause hunger. On a deadly week with work pressure and anxiety to reach targets and somewhere between completing assignments Domino’s Wednesday Offers aims to relieve our minds of all the stress and takes us to the cheezy world where there is only cheese, pizza and peace. Domino’s Wednesday Offers are special discount offers that is applicable only on wednesdays. The Wednesday Offers on Domino’s Pizza are not live every week and thus is not same every time it is alive. You can expect to get a minimum of 15% off which sometimes gets extended to a startling 40% off on any of your favourite pizza.

The most common Domino’s Wednesday Offers include:

  • Flat 15% off on billing amount of Rs 400 and above.
  • Flat 25% off on billing amount of Rs 350 and above.
  • Flat Rs 100 off- the minimum bill amount should be Rs 350
  • Flat 20% off on Rs 400 and above + Extra 20% SuperCash on MobiKwik: The offer can be availed only on a Domino’s bill of above Rs 400 and to get an additional 20% cashback as a MobiKwik SuperCash then one has to pay via MobiKwik Mobile wallet.

Domino’s Offers on Wednesdays are not regular but comes with a good discount offer and cashback offers to let us relish a bite of a fresh from the oven pizza and get lost in its heavenly taste.

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Common Questions:

How to order a Domino’s Pizza Online and use coupon codes to get a discount?

Steps for Domino’s Order Online:

  • Either go to the Domino’s App or go to Domino’s Pizza then enter your city and location details.
  • Select your choice from the menu, you may customise your pizza.
  • Then either click on ‘Add to Cart’ if you want to order more or click on ‘Buy Now’.
  • If you select ‘Add to Cart’ then after you are done ordering then click on ‘Check Out’.
  • Enter your details in the given space and pay. You can also use a coupon code if you have one before paying to get discounts on the billing amount.

Domino’s Coupon Codes

What is the number of Domino's Customer Care?

You can call on this number to register a complaint or to make an order: 68886888

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