Ebay Refurbished Mobile Offers : Upto 50% Off On Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, Redmi, Blackberry And More

By Sayani Biswas
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Ebay Refurbished Mobile Offers : Upto 50% Off On Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, Redmi, Blackberry And More

Ebay Refurbished Mobile Offers : Ebay, a multinational omni-shopping platform is equally active in selling refurbished mobiles in their online store with a discount of up to 50%. Being a multinational shopping portal, Ebay.in has a huge stock of refurbished mobiles from India and abroad. The mobiles that come for refurbishment are either unused or unboxed or have minor defects in them. All these mobiles are sent to professionals who checks each and every mobile and restores the mobiles in their original state. The mobiles works perfectly as a brand new mobile phone does. After restoration, the mobile phones undergo several tests and re-checks before they are made available for sale on the website. The professionals make sure that the mobiles do not bear any minor defects before they are released in the market.

Two types of refurbished mobiles are available in the ebay.in store,viz., Manufacturer Refurbished and Seller Refurbished. Manufacturer Refurbished mobiles are those mobiles which when found defective are sent to the manufacturer or the manufacturing company of the particular mobile. The professionals of the manufacturing company then restores the mobiles and makes them brand new. Then they are shipped back to Ebay and Ebay sells the mobile on their website. Whereas, in case of Seller Refurbished mobiles, the defective mobiles are sent to the seller for refurbishment. Here, the restoration is done by a third party professional or a group of third party professionals, who is/are not approved by the manufacturer or the brand the mobiles belong to. In both the two instances, the mobiles are cleaned, inspected and restored in full working condition. Also the mobiles after restoration may or may not come in their original boxes.

Ebay Refurbished Mobile Offers

Ebay.in provides various offers on Ebay Refurbished Mobiles. Currently, Ebay.in is providing up to 50% discount offer under Ebay Refurbished Mobile Offers. Ebay has included refurbished mobiles from various brands like Apple, OnePlus, Blackberry, Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola, LeEco and Lenovo. Not only this, you will also get free shipping on all of these refurbished mobiles under Ebay Refurbished Mobile Offers, which is definitely an awesome deal. Moreover, the mobiles are on the cheaper side and may or may not come with their respective accessories which depends on some mobiles. You must check the product description and get yourself well informed before buying a refurbished mobile. You can also apply some coupons to avail special discounts of the selling price of a particular mobile. Some mobiles also bear freebies worth Rs 2,000 that makes the deal more eye-catching. You can also earn paybacks on purchase of Refurbished mobiles from Ebay.in which you can use on next orders. Easy returns and replacements are also allowed on refurbished mobiles under Ebay Refurbished Mobile Offers.

Steps To Avail Ebay Refurbished Mobile Offers

Availing Ebay Refurbished Mobile Offers is not that tough. Just follow the steps that are mentioned below to avail Ebay Refurbished mobile Offers:

  • Visit Ebay.in or launch their android app on your smartphone.
  • Browse through the refurbished mobiles by brand or by name.
  • Select the mobile you want to buy.
  • Add the mobile to cart or directly click on the ‘Buy It Now’ button.
  • Sign In using your log in credentials. If you are new to Ebay, you must register yourself. You also can continue as guest. But it is highly recommended to register to avail some extended features which otherwise you may not access.
  • Clear the order value using credit/debit card, online bank transfer or EMI.

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