Flipkart Back To School Offers: Laptops, Books, Clothing, Hard Disks & Pen Drives On Sale

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Flipkart Back To School Offers, Sale are a relief to the parents who start cribbing with shopping plans with their children. To avoid all the confusion in the mall and the run with your kids through the multi-storeys, Flipkart brings to you the Flipkart Back To School Offers that gives discounts and offers on items that becomes a need for the parents to buy for their kids just before the new session of the school starts like school books, notebooks, bags, shoes and many more as the list is really long and gets longer every year. With Flipkart Back to School Offers you can make your child sit on your lap and let him or her browse through the products on the Flipkart Mobile app or Flipkart desktop site and place an order to get the delivery of the essentials right onto your doorstep like cheap laptops for students from top brands likeHP, Dell and Lenovo along with other school essentials.

Flipkart Back To School Offers

Products On Offer Offer Details
Books Upto 60% Off
Notebooks Upto 80% Off
Pens & Stationers Upto 90% Off
Desk Organisers Upto 50% Off
Files & Folders Upto 20% Off
Laptops Upto Rs 5000 Off
Smart Bands & Fitbits Upto 80% Off
Laptops Upto Rs 5000 Off
Computer Accessories Upto 40% Off
Clothing Upto 80% Off
Accessories Upto 90% Off
Bags & Shoes Upto 80% Off
Lunch Boxes & Water Bottles Upto 80% Off
Room Essentials Upto 70% Off
WSR Retailer Upto Rs 5,000 Yatra e-cash
All 10% Off On nearbuy.com

Products & Brands On Flipkart Back To School Offers

Amazing offers are available across widest collection of products and various top brands. If the offers were not enough then the long list of available products and the brands offering them is surely going to give you goosebumps and will not let you go anywhere for shopping for kids for their new school session.

  • Laptops
  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Tiffins & Bottles
  • School Bags & Shoes
  • Room Essentials
  • Stationery
  • Computer Accessories

Laptops: Flipkart presents amazing eye grabbing offers on laptops during the Flipkart Back To School Offers which include Laptop exchange offers, starting price being Rs 9,999 and more offers on Apple Mac, HP, Dell and Lenovo laptops only on Flipkart Back to school offers.

Flipkart Laptop Offers Offer Details
Laptops @ 9999 Laptops starting at Rs 9,999 from iball
Exchange Offer Upto Rs 10,000 Off
2-in-1 Laptops Offers Starting at Rs 13,990
Flipkart Lenovo Laptops Upto 15% Off
Flipkart HP Laptops Upto Rs 5,000 Off
Flipkart Dell Laptops Upto 15% Off
Flipkart Acer Laptops Upto 25% Off
Flipkart Apple MacBook EMI Starting From Rs 2,813

Books: Books on Flipkart Back To school Offers hold a lot of importance. Being the most important component of the school life, it becomes one of the most essential items and gets the top most place in the shopping list for the new session in school every year.

Flipkart offers a variety of books for the school kids which include the following:

  • School Books- You will get all CBSE and ICSE Board books and along with it some from the state boards as well. Try searching by the name of the book rather than the board and subject. You will be able to get books from various renowned Publishing house as well like Arihant, Together With, Olympiad and from authors like Wren & Martin, R. S. Aggarwal, R. D. Sharma and many more.

  • Books for Entrance Examinations- You will get books for various competitive entrance examinations like NEET for Medical, JEE, BITSAT for Engineering, Law, Fashion Designing, etc.

  • Fiction & Non-fiction Books- Flipkart also has a large collection of best selling fiction & non-fiction books that will keep the young minds in the habit of reading, improve language and increase their imagination power with books in different genres. The segment has more sub-segments like:

    • Educational & Professional with books like You Can Win by Shiv Khera, etc.
    • Fiction & Non-fictions with books from popular authors like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Salman Rushdie, Chetan Bhagat and more and best-selling books like Fault in our stars, Mrs. Funnybones, Angels & Demons, etc.
  • Academic Textbooks- Flipkart also offers books in the academic books section like A Practical Guide to English Grammar, Concepts Of Physics, Mathematics MCQ and more like these.

Clothing: Apart from just school essentials, Flipkart has realised that with the beginning of every session parents are in need of a full set of new clothes to meet the needs of their growing child. Thus Flipkart also brings amazing offers on Clothing for him & her, as well as accessories.

  • Clothing: The clothing range for him and her on Flipkart on the Flipkart Back To School Offers will consist of t-shirts, shirts, trousers, jeans and shorts for him and dresses, tops, skirts, jeans and jumpsuits for her from brands like Barbie, Disney, United Colors of Benetton, Gini & Jony and more brands for early school entrants to teens.
  • Accessories: The accessories for the school girls and boys offered by Flipkart are watches and sunglasses from Fastrack, Timex, Sonata, Maxima, MTV, etc.

Tiffins & Bottles: Shopping for the new session might be a headache to the parents but excites the children a lot because they plan to get everything new each year and the most popular items towards which the kids look forward to are the Tiffins and Water bottles. The excitement of buying water bottles and tiffin boxes with their favourite cartoon characters on them is a demand of kids that all of us are pretty aware of. On Flipkart brands like Disney and Barbie are trying to satisfy the cravings of kids for their favourite characters on their food containers.

School Bags & Shoes: On Flipkart Back To School Offers, you will get merchandised school bags from brands like Disney, Barbie and more, and school shoes from Reebok, Liberty and many more.

Room Essentials: You will also get room essentials like alarm clocks, study tables, computer tables, chairs, book shelves, inspirational posters for your child’s room.

Stationery: The most important items after books that are must in the shopping list for your child’s new school session is required stationery like notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil pouch, staplers, colours, files and folders and many more items which are available on great offers from brands like Classmate, Camlin, etc.

Computer Accessories: With the advent of technology into the lives of students, they are in need of more storage in terms of Pen Drives and Hard Disks. Flipkart acknowledges this fact and gives offers on Hard Drives, Memory Cards, Pen Drives and other accessories like power banks, mouse, etc from Sony, SanDisk, WD, etc. on the Flipkart Back To School Offers.

Flipkart Back To School- Yatra & Nearbuy Offer

You can get Rs 5,000 e-cash on Yatra that can be used to book domestic or international flight tickets, hotels, buses or trains. There is a condition in this offer which is to avail this offer and get Rs 5,000 Yatra e-cash, you have to buy from WSR retailer and the item should cost you above Rs 4,998.

This is not all but along with so many offers on so many products and the Yatra e-cash offer, you can also avail a 10% off on bookings made on nearbuy.com by shopping on Flipkart Back To School Offers. There is no minimum billing amount for you to avail this offer.

Flipkart Back To School Offers Date:

The very exclusive sale targeted towards the school children by Flipkart are brought just before the new session starts. The Flipkart Back To School Offers come alive in the first week of June to help you get ready with your child’s needs by the summer vacation itself and that you don’t have to run to the malls with your naughty kids to buy them. The offers are typically live for 7-8 days in June.

The very exclusive sale targeted towards the school children by Flipkart are brought just before the new session starts. The Flipkart Back To School Offers come alive in the first week of June to help you get ready with your child’s needs by the summer vacation itself and that you don’t have to run to the malls with your naughty kids to buy them. The offers are typically live for 7-8 days in June.


Where do I get more Flipkart Offers?

You can get more Flipkart offers on couponchaska.com in the form of coupons with coupon codes and promo codes.

How do I apply coupon codes and promo codes from couponchaska to Flipkart?

On couponchaska.com you will find Flipkart from the list of Top Stores, clicking on which you will be brought upon to a new page listed with Flipkart coupons. Browse through them and select the one you want to avail. The one you wish to avail would have a red button on it named 'view offer'. By clicking on it, you activate the offer and you get directed on the Flipkart page where the offer can be availed. Simply add the product to your cart and proceed to checkout and pay to buy the product on the offered price.

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