Flipkart Bank Cashback Offers: Avail Extra Upto 10% Cashback

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Flipkart Cashback Offer

Flipkart Bank Cashback Offers With the reputation of being one of the top online retailers in India, Flipkart boasts some exciting Flipkart cashback offers by partering with top banks such as SBI, HDFC, ICICI, Yes Bank, Kotak, Axis Bank and many more. This not only delights the customers, but also connects them with the business through their regular visits—an achievement, which only a few popular brands have under their belt. Flipkart has come up with exciting discounts and flipkart cashback offers for its users in this season. The move aims at encouraging shoppers to buy products from a long list of categories including mobiles, books, electronics, and gadgets.

Flipkart Cashback Offers on Banks Credit and Debit Cards

Flipkart comes across with something in its catalog for almost everyone. As a result, its customers eagerly await the information on new offers or discounts or flipkart sale on online shopping, it rolls them out every now and again. However, amid a good deal of cashback coupons, it is imperative for customers to make a decision on what to buy only after a careful consideration of their requirements. The best way to do so is to go through the offers first, and make a choice subsequently. Apart from letting buyers get the value for their money, it also leads to their ultimate satisfaction.

Flipkart Bank Cashback Offers

Flipkart Bank Offers Cashback
SBI Rs.5000 Cashback
HDFC Bank 15% Off
ICICI Bank Rs.5000 Off
Axis Bank Extra 5% Discount
Kotak Bank 12% Off
Citi Bank 10% Cashback
IDBI Bank 8% Cashback
HSBC Bank Rs.4000 Off
Yes Bank Rs.3000 Cashback

SBI Credit and Debit Card Cashback Offers

Flipkart SBI Cashback

Think of banking or financial services, and the first name that comes to mind is State Bank of India. With more than 18,000 operational branches in India, it is a government owned mammoth financial and banking services company in the country. Consequently, it has a broader customer base, compared to other major banks in the nation.

Keeping that in mind, Flipkart has reached out to the bank to set up ties with it, in order to enable its account holders to do online shopping with ease. If you own a debit/credit card offered by the bank, then you are the right candidate to get a huge discount and flipkart cashback offer of 12% on purchasing products worth Rs 1000 or above. The special offer is applicable on relatively all top festivals of India and it is also applicable on payment done via internet banking.

HDFC Credit and Debit Card Cashback Offers

If you happen to be a card owner of HDFC bank, you are entitled to a 10% cashback on purchase of a commodity worth Rs 800 and above; it is available to both credit card and debit card holders and for internet banking. For every card, the maximum limit for cash back is Rs 500.

It is important to remember that the cash back offer will not be available for canceled items or orders. So, make sure that you choose only those items that you genuinely want to include on your shopping cart. Take your time, and proceed only when you feel that you have decided on which products to purchase.

Axis Credit and Debit Card Offers

There is a good news in store down the line for the credit and debit card holders of Axis Bank. The bank has made an arrangement to give its customers an added 10% cashback on every purchase of products worth Rs 5,000 or more. The maximum discount threshold is Rs 1000 per card. You can avail yourself of this offer exclusively on the website or the mobile app of Flipkart. You can also avail the offer by making transaction through internet banking.

ICICI Credit and Debit Card Cashback Offers

Saving money may be a hard thing on pen and paper; however, it is not so difficult for the credit or debit card holders of ICICI. You can do so by receiving cash back on every purchase of commodities worth Rs 5,000 or more.

Citi Credit and Debit Card Offers

The card holders of Citibank have a reason to be happy about opening an account with the bank; they can expect a supplementary cash back offer on purchasing any product that costs Rs 3,000 or more. What this means is that the bank has decided to give an extra cashback of 15% upon the purchase of any product that either coincides with or exceeds the value.

IDBI Credit and Debit Card Offers

The owners of credit or debit cards of IDBI bank have a chance to enhance their shopping experience with an additional 10% cashback on a minimum subscription value of Rs 5,000. The maximum limit of the flipkart cashback offer and discount offer has been put at Rs 1,000. The customers can avail themselves of the offer on either Flipkart website or its mobile app.

HSBC Credit and Debit Card Offers

If you have an account with HSBC, you are eligible for an additional 10% cashback. This is in line with the policy of the bank to meet the requirements of its account holders. It transpires that the bank wants its customers to enjoy the liberty of shopping without the worry of running short of money. An extra 1,000 rupee cashback means that you can shop without a hard-headed calculation.

Standard Chartered Card Offers

Do have an account with Standard Chartered Bank? If you do, then you are eligible to get a 10% cashback instantly upon purchasing a product with a price tag of Rs 5999 or above. This is in view of the surge in shopping among its users, which is likely to surface in the festive months of 2017. In line with its claim, the bank aims to meet the shopping wants of its customers in 2017.

Indusind Card Offer

Indusind Bank, which has maximum benefits and minimum requirements as its keynotes, has gone ahead with its plan to offer a 10% cashback on its customers. One can make use of this offer by buying an item with a minimum price of Rs 4999 or more. The cashback amount will be credited instantly to the user’s account.

Kotak Card Offers

For those who are the proud holders of credit/debit cards with Kotak Bank, there is a good news in terms of shopping. Bearing the shopping needs of its users in mind, the bank has decided to provide 15% cashback offer on purchase of an item, which costs Rs 4999 or more. The account holders with the bank can avail themselves of the offer via the website and the app on their smartphones.

Yes Bank Cashback Card Offers

For the proud cardholders of Yes Bank, the financial institution has come up with a plan to provide a 10% cash back upon purchasing products worth Rs 9999 or more. The maximum cash back is Rs 1,000. Thus, the Flipkart Sale brings a compelling reason to cheer up. Lose no time; start shopping now to reap the benefits.

With so many cashback offers for the asking, customers would obviously like to know whether they are available to the users of every bank or a select few banks. If you are seeking information about it, there is a good news for you—the users of all major banks can reap the benefits.

What it means for you is irrespective of the bank with which you have an account, there are benefits for you on offer. In other words, you are fully eligible to avail the flipkart cashback coupons offered by Flipkart if you own a debit card or a credit card that belongs to one of these banks: SBI, Axis, HDFC, ICICI, Citibank, IDBI, HSBC, Standard Chartered, Indusind, Kotak or Yes Bank. As for the cashback offers, there are many for the time being.

The new year has begun with a new set of expectations, and so have the plans of Flipkart to attract the attention of its customers on this festive season. That’s true—it is pretty much on the cards for shoppers like you. What makes it so special? It guarantees great flipkart cashback and discount offers on a host of products that belong to popular categories like computers, tablets, mobiles, cameras, gadgets, electronics, books, clothing, shoes, and much more.

Now that you know about what to expect from Flipkart in this season, it is the right time to focus on what makes it so special—the offer comes as a revelation to buyers who are considering the option of making their payments in EMIs. This move is aimed at meeting the shopping requirements of financial customers of all strengths—both rich and middle class.

You can rest assured of a thrilling experience in the days to come. With a view to taking the full advantage of it, the best thing that you can do is set aside your plans for online shopping, and begin the countdown with the raining cashback offers on Flipkart.

Because the flipkart cashback offers are too good to make a note of, you might not like the idea of missing out on them. We suggest that you press home your advantage by making your purchase before the closure of the offer. Let’s check out the surprises that are in store for you in this month.

Flipkart Cashback Offers on Products

Flipkart Sale

Flipkart Electronics Cashback Offers

The yearning Flipkart Sale promises the availability of a host of electronic products such as television sets, tablets, computers, washing machines, cameras, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. at affordable rates. For those who have been waiting to get their hands on electronic products for a long time, but have been stalled by the price factor, this initiative brings the budget within their reach. If you are one of them, all you need to do is choose an item on Flipkart’s website, and input the information related to its brand or model. Next, check the features of products that fit your budget to make sure that they are good enough to take care of your requirements. One thing is for sure—the results will blow your mind!

Some thrilling offers in this category are as follows:

A flat 5% discount and flipkart cashback on branded laptops and accessories of 2017. The brands include Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, etc. A minimum discount of 40% on computer accessories such as a mouse, keyboards, printers, touch screens, speakers, hard disks, printers, etc. Capture the finest moments, and bring them to life with a DSLR. In view of the craze for shooting pictures among people, youngsters, in particular, Flipkart has come up with exciting discount offers on DSLRs from some of the top brands and also flipkart cashback. Catching a glimpse of your favorite television shows would be all the more fun with an incredible 25% discount on television sets by courtesy of the Flipkart Grand Sale. Some exciting offers on large electronic appliances, for example, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc., are waiting in the wings at magical rates.

Flipkart Cashback on Mobile Phones

Nowadays mobile phones are indispensable to our lives. As the platforms on which they operate undergo updates in a timely manner, users oftentimes feel the need to upgrade their handsets in accordance with them.

How does the idea of reaping the benefits of Flipkart Grand Sale 2017, and getting one of the best smartphones of 2017 grab you? Sounds great, isn’t it? If your answer is “yes”, then you have got the right idea to get yourself a new smartphone.

The mobile and wireless technology, by virtue of its strong presence, has played a key role in transforming our lives. Whether you believe it or not, this sale is a golden opportunity for grabbing at one of the best selling handsets of 2017 at a reasonable price. Hang on—the heavy discounts and flipkart cashback offers will also cover the mobile accessories. The usefulness of mobile phones to meet a long list of human requirements at present is beyond question.

For instance, you can pay bills online, interact with clients, play games, stream videos, make other transactions, and do much more using mobile phones—the possibilities are endless. Taking these things into consideration, it can be said that Flipkart has planned things well as far as the timing factor is concerned.

If you have been waiting for the right opportunity to exchange your old phone for a new one, or to simply buy a new smartphone, the Flipkart Grand Sale and Flipkart cashback offers the right time as well as the reason to do so. The offer encompasses a number top selling flipkart mobiles of brands and their phones: Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime, Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy s7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note5, Huawei Nexus 6P, iPhone 7, Google Pixel XL, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Xiaomi Redmi 3 S Prime, LG G5, Huawei Nexus 6P, etc. With this, the online retailer has done more than enough to take your fancy.

No matter what amount of money you had splurged on your smartphone thus far, chances are you have already found out where it is lagging behind. Whatever be the reason for going for a new smartphone—camera, RAM, ROM, battery or connectivity—now, you have a viable option to get it right. The smartphones at hand are tailor-made to address the issues to give you a clear advantage on these fronts.

For the fans of entertainment, these phones come across with a number of possibilities. Apart from improving your gaming experience, these phones are designed to satisfy your demand for entertainment too. They carry the brand value, meaning that they are one of the best in the market—a thing that you can always be proud of.

Fashion & Lifestyle Products Cashback Offers

It is rightly said that fashion is closely related to culture. As an important element of culture, it not only helps you demonstrate its values or beliefs but also highlights cosmetic attributes. In other words, it gives meaning to one’s personal identity. Based on different factors, fashion may vary from one culture to another; this explains the reason why every culture has its own dressing style, which is distinct from others.

No matter how much you ignore your looks, the bald fact is that it matters a lot. Good looks evoke good feelings; good physical appearance can make a huge impact on one’s overall personality. This gives you an edge in both your professional and personal settings alike. People don’t mind dipping into their savings on various beauty treatments; however, only a few of them realize the importance of putting up the sort of dress, which would complement their looks. You may be good-looking but if your dress is not up to the mark, people are less likely to take note of it.

Comfort and style go hand in hand to boost your confidence and self-esteem. With this in view, Flipkart has included dresses that would not just make your presence felt in every situation, but also grab others’ attention instantly. The items included in the offers include clothes, shoes, ethnic wear, sunglasses, watches, jewelry etc. There is an item for everyone—kids, men, and women. Added to this, there is also a list of products corresponding to lifestyle and fashion.

Keeping in mind the fact that fashion plays a key role in establishing one’s identity, Flipkart has included an impressive line-up of apparels to cater to your needs. Apart from showing your dressing style, it is also aimed at letting you set trends. Whether you are at your workplace or with your friends or relatives, drawing the attention of others isn’t rocket science anymore. Being assured about your dress facilitates your endeavors of building rapport or relationship with others.

The fashion needs for women are oftentimes endless. Consequently, they tend to spend more on their fashion than anything else. By doing so, they end up down-and-out. Thus, they constantly hunt for options that would enable them to get what they want without the need to fork out excess money. This is exactly where the offers on Flipkart fits the bill perfectly.

As far as the lifestyle products are concerned, it’s a long list featuring products like shampoos, moisturizers, sunscreens, face creams, body lotions, deodorants, hair removal creams, fitness and sports essentials, etc.—stuff that are difficult to overlook.

Flipkart Cashback Offer on Furniture

There is no denying the fact that furniture plays a key role when it comes to accounting for one’s taste—be it about one’s choice or about how one treats one’s visitors or guests. Choosing the right set of furniture is a sure-fire way of receiving praises or compliments. And when you receive it from visitors, your happiness knows no bounds.

Emphasizing the requirements of people with regard to furniture, Flipkart has entered the picture with a line of furniture that would go a long way toward helping its customers come up trumps in this aspect. Flipkart has taken special care to present them with only those sets of furniture that would make a profound impact, in terms of both design and quality. Put simply, if you have the desire to purchase a piece, then Flipkart has the ones that would turn the environment of your house to one that is both beautiful and inviting.

It is generally believed that the freedom to make choice leads to an enviable position. Speaking of the event, it is akin to an impressive display of not just furniture, but also other accessories like carpets and rugs, cushions, furnishings, home accessories, etc. Whatever be the piece of furniture you buy, you can expect these accessories to serve as the perfect complement to it. When aligned with your budget, these gems would go miles to embellish your piece of furniture to perfection. Expect a pleasant surprise to come your way once you buy a piece as your visitors are likely to appreciate your choice by showering praise or compliments.

To be candid, it is commonplace for customers to be baffled as to which product to choose out of the entire collection. One way of making it easy is to take into account, the dimensions of the rooms. In addition, jotting down the requirements regarding the type of furniture you need for those rooms would further simplify the matter. The next step would be to work out your budget and narrow down your choice by zeroing in on the ones that meet your requirements—features and budget.

Depending upon your choice or taste, you might like to get your hands on traditional, modern or classic pieces of furniture. This idea is feasible, given the option to pick and choose. Notwithstanding the kind of furniture you want, bulky or sleek, the grand sale offer on this festive season is all set to tick all the boxes. Interior decorators or designers always seek out innovative ideas to boost the appearance of their clients’ homes. The impressive array of furniture at disposal would go a long way toward equipping them to bring it to fruition at your home.

After going through the offerings on furniture on Flipkart, you could make an appointment with a professional designer online from the website to figure out what kind of furniture would be suitable for your home. They will charge a nominal fee in lieu. “Say goodbye” to hours of waiting for the visit of carpenters or service people from shops, and get into the habit of doing it online from the comfort of your home.

Flipkart Cashback Offers on Books

Books are important to people for various reasons. Aside from allowing one to learn, it also guides one to understand one’s role in society. By doing so, books allow people to gain an insight into their emotions. In the process, it empowers them to acquire different subject areas.

When it comes to buying the book(s) of your choice, nothing beats the idea of exploring the existing collection of books on Flipkart. To address the needs of different people, books related to various genres have been included. For those who consider reading as their pastime or hobby, this is a source of delight. A large repository of books of diverse genres including Business, Economics, Indian Writing, Children’s Books, Fiction, etc. Don’t miss out this golden opportunity as the books that you wanted to buy are up for grabs.

The website of the online retailer in question is the hub of reading: the best sellers corresponding to action and adventure, thriller and mystery, crime fiction, romance, and humor, etc. are available on it—a treat for the eyes. First select your preference from the catalog of books. Next, browse by genre to narrow down your choice.

For additional Offers on books, please visit Flipkart Coupons. You can visit Flipkart Electronics Sale Offers, Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale Offers and Flipkart Diwali Sale Offer 2018 to know more about these sales.

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