Flipkart Big Diwali Sale Offer 2018: 80% OFF On Mobiles, Electronics, Big Home Appliances, Fashion & More

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Flipkart Big Diwali Sale Offer 2018: 80% OFF On Mobiles, Electronics, Big Home Appliances, Fashion & More

Flipkart Diwali Sale is getting prepped up to be live on 2nd November, this year with upto 90% off on Mobiles, Laptops, Electronics like Televisions, Refrigerators, ACs, etc, Fashion, Home & Lifestyle. Like the festivals this year are all set to come in advance, so has Flipkart planned its biggest event of the year, the Flipkart Diwali Sale in advance. Generally the Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers are hosted in the month of Novemberber as Diwali falls in late October or early November, but the change of timing for the festivals like Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Bhai Dooj and Diwali has made Flipkart to change the timing for its big event as well and so is arriving this year by the month end of September with the biggest list of offers and the heaviest discounts on the most popular products on Flipkart such as Mobiles, Laptops, Big Home Appliances, Men's Clothing, Women's Clothing, Men's Shoes, Women's Fashion Footwear, and on the endless list of categories on Flipkart.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers is the Diwali gift that Flipkart, the largest online retailer in the country, brings for its large customer base. The Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers are not only a gift from Flipkart to us but these offers are made to help you do the mandatory Diwali shopping including the Diwali Giftings that your near and dear ones are eagerly waiting for. The Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers works like your assistant as these offers are spread across all the categories on Flipkart and would be available during the 5 days of the Flipkart Big Diwali Sale starting from 2th November 2018.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers On Mobiles & Tablets

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers will be available on Mobile phones and Tablets from top selling brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Lenovo, Mi, Oppo, Vivo, etc. across different price range.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers On Mobile Accessories

Mobile Appliances like Mobile Cases, Headphones and Headsets, Powerbanks, Screenguards, Memory Cards, Mobile Cables, Chargers, Selfie sticks, etc at upto 90% off on Flipkart Diwali Sale starting from 20th September.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers On Laptops

Flipkart Diwali Sale will also have offers on the much in demand category, which is the Laptops. The lightning offers will see some of the best offers on Business Laptops, 2-in-1 Laptops, Gaming Laptops, etc. with Intel, AMD or ARM inside.

Flipkart Big Home Appliances On Flipkart Diwali Sale

Flipkart is planning to Rebrand its Appliances category as the Big Home Appliances on the occassion of the yearly sale, Flipkart Diwali Sale with great big offers on the category to increase the sale of the big home appliances upto 80% at the Diwali Sale. The Flipkart Big Home Appliances Offers on the Flipkart Diwali Sale will include Discounts of upto 80% Off on Refrigerators, Televisions, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, etc.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers On Electronics

Apart from Laptops, Mobiles and Televisions Flipkart Diwali Sale will also be seen hosting big discount offers on other electronics such as Gaming Accessories, Computer Accessories, Cameras & Camera Accessories, Home Theatres, Speakers, Routers, etc. that too upto 70% Off.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers On Kitchen & Small Home Appliances

The Offers on Flipkart Diwali sale will also be on Kitchen and Home Appliances also known as the Small Home Appliances like Mixer-Grinders, Iron, Air Purifiers, Water Purifiers, Landline Phones, Vacuum Cleaners, Microwave Ovens, Hand Blenders, etc.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers On Men's Fashion

Diwali is incomplete without new clothes, so all men can buy new shirts, trousers both casuals & formals, tees, pyjama, kurtas, innerwear, etc. with the Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers. But, the offers are not limited to just Men's Clothing, they are spread across Men's Footwear and Fashion Accessories like watches as well.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers On Women's Fashion

Diwali is the time when every woman plans of restocking the wardrobe with new trending styles and what can be better than discount offers upto 90% off available on Women's Clothing, Footwear and Fashion Accesories from the top brands.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Offers On Other Popular Categories

Flipkart has a large range of Product categories that cater to your every need. On Flipkart Diwali Sale, Flipkart aims to look into your every need and help you buy it on discounts equally as others, so that no one feels left out on this festive season. Thus, other than the big categories mentioned above, Flipkart has other popular offers as well stocked up for the Flipkart Diwali sale Offers:

Flipkart Diwali Sale

Flipkart Diwali Sale is an annual event and the biggest one for Flipkart which the Flipkart plans for the whole year. The Flipkart Diwali Sale which comes around in the month of November every year in the time of festivals when the whole of India celebrates some festival and is also the gifting season in India. The biggest sale of the year on Flipkart is a 5 day super celebration of offers, that are spread across the wide range of categories on Flipkart. The Flipkart Diwali Sale or the Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale is coming a month early this year and will start from the 20th of September, as the dates of festivals like Eid, Navaratri, Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Dhanteras, all these highly auspicious festivals have fallen prior to their usual time.

Bank Offers & EMI Options On Flipkart Diwali Sale

Exciting Bank offers such as cashback on SBI Debit Card will be available on Flipkart during the Flipkart Diwali Sale and for the first time, Flipkart gives you an opportunity to make a high value purchase on EMI with your Debit Card. Till now, the conditions of buying anything online on EMI required a Credit Card, which is one card only 2% if Indian Population boasts of, but from the upcoming Flipkart Diwali sale one would be able to buy a high priced item on EMI with a Debit Card.

PhonePe Offers On Flipkart Diwali Sale

Shopping on the Flipkart Diwali Sale, is not only going to save you money with discounts on products and brands but also with cashback offers. With PhonePe mobile Wallet Offers you can avail another 10% cashback on the billing amount just by paying through PhonePe on the Flipkart Dowali Sale whole checking out of the shopping website.


Where can I get the whole list of offers and discounts to be available on Flipkart Diwali Sale?

You can get the full list of upcoming offers of the Flipkart Diwali Sale on couponchaska.com. All you have to do is visit the Flipkart Page from the top stores, which will show the full list of Flipkart offers to choose from. Just click on 'View Offer' that will direct you to the Flipkart page from where, you can directly buy the product on the offered price without navigationg much on the Flipkart site for the product.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Data:

Flipkart Diwali Sale is a five day sale on Flipkart which is hosted annually by the name of Flipkart Big Billion Day, that boasts of the most attractive offers across all categories and maximum number of products. Flipkart Big Billion Day or the Flipkart Diwali Sale has been able to fetch the maximum amount of Revenue every year since 2014. Flipkart Big Billion Day has been a success for Mobiles, Computer Accessories like Pen Drives, Hard Drives, etc. Laptops and other electronics but despite selling the most number of Big Appliances on any e-commerce platform Flipkart believes that in comparison with the other categories on Flipkart, Appliances have been selling the least. Thus, to overcome the issue, Flipkart has planned to rebrand the Appliances category to Big Home Appliances prior to the festive season, Flipkart Diwali Sale and come up up with big discount offers on the five days sale with plans of increasing the sale of the upcoming Big Home Appliances category upto 80%.

Flipkart Diwali Sale Last Year 2017

Flipkart Diwali Sale was hosted last year on Flipkart from 14th October to 17th October, which managed to fetch a turnover of above Rs. 1000 Cr. and this year with plans on Rebranding Appliances to Big Home Appliances, Flipkart is planning for more.

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