Flipkart Grocery Offers: Next Day Delivery

By Sayani Biswas
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Flipkart Grocery Offers: Next Day Delivery

Flipkart Grocery Offers : Flipkart is no way lagging behind in the trend of an online supermarket or supermart section in the shopping portal like it's tough competitors. As a result of which you get the facility of shopping your essential monthly groceries online on Flipkart. In this offer you get the best deals and discounts on all the grocery items made available on the portal. But there is a catch as of now. The catch is that Flipkart’s grocery is the newly launched facility and therefore this facility is started in Bengaluru. Yes, this might be saddening. But, Flipkart is expected to extend the Flipkart Grocery Offers facility throughout major cities very soon.

This new initiative is made available only on Flipkart’s App for residing on Bengaluru. The minimum order value requirement to avail Flipkart Grocery Offers is Rs 500. Whereas, people can avail free shipping on orders above Rs 1000.

Flipkart’s second attempt is likely to rage the market if it becomes a hit. Why second? Because, earlier Flipkart has introduced quite a similar service under the banner ‘Nearby’ in 2016. But that could not do much in the market and hence Flipkart decided to shut that for the time being. Now, they have again come up with ‘Flipkart Grocery Store’ which is a beta version running in Bengaluru.

Amazon on the other hand is already running a successful e-grocery section known as ‘Amazon Pantry’ that provides next day delivery. Bigbasket has also proven its existence by great deals and discounts. It provides you on time guarantee and 10% value back on late delivery plus no questions asked on return policy. It is expected that Flipkart might come up with similar policies to get going. Everybody is looking forward to the Flipkart Grocery Offers.

Products Under Flipkart Grocery Offers

Flipkart Grocery Offers provide you all grocery items, baby care products and daily essentials at relatively cheaper price with discounts of over 60%. You can choose gourmets such as nuts, dry fruits and combos, bakery and baking essentials, edible oils and ghee. Fruits and vegetables, spices, condiments and sauces, dairy products, baby foods, confectioneries & sweets, food and nutrition combos, beverages, canned food, ready to cook and eat food, health and nutrition, staples, noodles & pastas, breakfast mixes and cereals and finally snacks & nibbles.

Nuts, Dry Fruits & Combos : Nuts and dry fruits are good for your health and they can be given as gifts. You can save more on the combos. You can grab anything from dried blueberries, almonds, cranberries, peshawari, figs, dates, walnuts, pistas, apricots, peaches, raisins and more of the stuffs.

Bakery & Baking Essentials : Bakery and baking essentials comprises of baking ingredients and decorations and food additives such as cocoa powder, non-sticky spray liquids, pectin powder, yeast, baking soda powder, seasoning powder, gelatin, brine, food essence, colours and more.

Edible Oils & Ghee : This section of Flipkart Grocery contains organic and non organic ghee, flavoured ghee and various edible oils such as olive oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, soyabean oil, canola oil, coconut oil, pomace oil and rice bran oil.

Fruits & Vegetables : Flipkart Grocery offers you fresh fruits and vegetables such as kiwi, onion, pineapple, grapes, broccoli, plum, blueberry and tomato. Apart from fresh fruits and vegetables, you will alo find neo fruits and vegetables. These neo fruits and vegetables are preserved ones that comes in a jar packaging.

Spices, Condiments & Sauces : Under spices condiments and sauces, you will find edible seeds, spices and masala, condiments, salts, dips, sauces and pastes, pickles and chutneys from various brands.

Dairy Products : The dairy products section consists of only skimmed milk powder and coconut milk. We can count on Flipkart Grocery Store to get loaded with all dairy products available.

Baby Food : This section is loaded with all baby foods for babies of all ages such as cerelac, infant milk, ready to fry foods, unflavoured flavoured liquids and more.

Confectioneries & Sweets : Confectioneries & sweets section is composed of candies, mouth fresheners, chocolates and chewing gums.

Food & Nutrition Combo : Combos are smart buys. Flipkart Grocery Offers whopping discounts on all gourmet items under food & nutrition combo.

Beverages : The beverages section consists of all types of beverages available in the market such as health drink mixes, coffee, fruit drinks, aerated drinks, tea, concentrates, water and milk & milk powder.

Canned Foods : All types of canned foods including various soup sachets are made available under canned foods section.

Ready To Cook & Eat Food : Ready to cook and eat food section consists of all ready to eat snacks and meals such as mixes, soups, snacks and meals.

Health & Nutrition : This section of Flipkart Grocery is packed with all foods and drinks related to health and nutrition viz., health and energy drinks, protein supplements, health foods and snacks, chyawanprash and Vitamin supplements.

Staples : Staples such as dals, pulses, rice and rice products, grains and millets, sugars and sweeteners, flours and sooji.

Noodles & Pasta : Besides pasta and noodles from various brands, vermicelli is also available under this section.

Breakfast, Mixes & Cereals : Muesli, breakfast mixes and cereals, cornflakes, ready mixes and oats are placed under this section of Flipkart Grocery.

Snacks & Nibbles : Snacks & nibbles section of Flipkart Grocery store contains fryums and papads, savouries and namkeens, chips, wafers and waffles, cookies, biscuits and popcorns.

You may checkout Flipkart Offers, Amazon Offers and Amazon Pantry Offers.

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