Flipkart Refer & Earn Offers : Earn Rs 200 E-Gift Card Voucher On Each Referral

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Flipkart Refer & Earn Offers : Earn Rs 200 E-Gift Card Voucher On Each Referral

Flipkart Refer And Earn Offers is a special scheme forged by Flipkart.com where you can get several offers on friend referral on Flipkart. Flipkart Refer & Earn is an innovative program to make more and more subscribers on Flipkart hence increasing the popularity of the shopping website of India and also indulging more and more people into online shopping. In this Flipkart Refer & Earn program, both the person(the one who referred and the one who was referred) will get some benefits such as cashback while utilising Flipkart Refer And Earn scheme. In other words, the more you refer and the more referred people joins Flipkart, the more you will be able to have your hands on cashbacks. You can utilise these cashbacks to shop on Flipkart.com and save a lot of bucks for yourself. If you are interested to know more about Flipkart Refer & Earn program, read the article till the end.

Flipkart Refer & Earn Offers

Flipkart provides several offers under Flipkart Refer & Earn Offers. Let us learn about the offer in details:

You can earn Rs 200 as EGV or E-Gift Card Voucher by inviting your friends and relatives using Flipkart Refer and Earn program. The referred person has to download the Flipkart app from your link. On successful following of procedure, he will get a coupon of Rs 100 discount on Rs 500 and you will get Rs 200 as EGV as he signs up on the app that he has downloaded via your send link. That means he has to download and install the Flipkart App from the link provided by you. Then he has to sign up on the app. As soon as he signs up to the app, you get a Rs 200 Off EGV On Rs 1000. He will get a coupon of Rs 100 discount on Rs 500 which when used by him, he can avail Rs 100 discount on purchase of Rs 500 which is applicable for once per person you referred. Therefore, your friend avails a sign up bonus and you in turn avail a referral bonus. Also note that while purchasing things using your earned EGVs, you can use upto Rs 750 (15 coupons of Rs 50 each) in a single transaction. The remaining amount you have to pay from yourself. There is no boundary of maximum referrals as of now. So, refer more and earn more by availing Flipkart Refer & Earn program.

Steps To Avail Flipkart Refer & Earn Offer

There is mainly two set of steps that you must follow to get the advantage of Flipkart Refer And Earn Offer. Follow the below mentioned steps carefully to proceed.

Steps For Referrer
  • Download the Flipkart App from the respective store of your phone’s OS (Play Store, Microsoft Store or iOs).
  • Enter your credentials, mobile number and one time password (OTP) to get yourself registered on the portal.
  • In case You already have the Flipkart App, it is highly recommended to update the app before proceeding.
  • After successful updations and installation, click on the menu on the top right corner of the app.
  • A drop down menu appears. Click on ‘Refer & Earn’ or ‘Invite & Earn’ option from the drop down menu.
  • Now click on ‘Invite Friend’ option. You will get a referral code which is your own code that your friend must use.
  • Share the link provided to you as your referral link to all your friends and relatives via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Hangouts and more.
Steps For Referral
  • Once you receive the referral link via any social networking site from your friend and relative, click on the link and download the app. Make sure you do not have the app downloaded previously on your phone and neither you have an account on Flipkart with the same number you are going to avail Flipkart Refer & Earn offer.
  • After successful download and installation, open the app.
  • Create a new account on Flipkart and register yourself using OTP.
  • Go to the Menu section on the top right side of the mobile app and select ‘Refer and Earn’.
  • Click on ‘Apply Code’ and enter your friend’s referral code which comes along with the link.
  • After doing this, wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then refresh the page and go to ‘My Rewards’ under Menu drop down list to check the credited amount.

Terms & Conditions Of Flipkart Refer & Earn Offer

Here are some terms and conditions which you must know before indulging yourself on Flipkart Refer & Earn Offer:

  • The sign up bonus of Rs 100 can be used by referral on successful purchase of Rs 500 and above which is valid for only the first time.
  • The referral bonus of Rs 200 earned by the referrer can be used on a minimum order value of Rs 1000 and is valid for once.
  • The Referrer can earn up to Rs 400 on per referral invitation.
  • Flipkart reserves all rights to change, modify a part or whole, completely withdraw the program anytime without prior intimation to its customers.

Disclaimer: The offer mentioned above may change or withdrawn based on Flipkart’s terms and conditions.

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