Free Samples in India (Freebie Products) Online [2017]

By Ananya Roy
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Free Samples in India (Freebie Products) Online [2017]

Free Samples in India or better known as Freebies in India are free samples of various products given out to people online. Find out how and where can you get free products and goodies in India.

Free Samples Or Freebies India

Why free samples?

Free Samples are part of the company's marketing strategy. Sending out free products or freebies are a part of the test marketing where the company distributes free samples of a new product or sometimes not a new product but is being planned to be launched in a particular part of the world so partly new to that area to test the acceptance level of the product and the reviews from the end users help the marketing team of a particular company or the brand take proper measures in the launch and other marketing activities.

Many a times, one feels that because the products are free cannot be trusted, thus one can be assured that Freebies or Free Samples are no duplicate or expired products but actual products, directly coming from the Brand and thus can be trusted.

Free Samples! Where?

Many companies and brands look out for places to find people who can volunteer to receive free samples and freebies products which are absolutely new in the market and give a feedback. Also many people are crazy for Freebies, Free Goodies and Free Samples. Thus, the formation of online sites where these two segments meet to satisfy and solve each other’s problems.

The Freebies, Free Goodies and Free Samples are quite popular in the west but the concept is being noticed to grow in India as well in the recent years and thus one can find few websites from where one, sitting in India can also get to win various free samples from top brands and get them delivered at home for free.

Few of the well known websites or online spaces where both the Brands and companies find the customers to try test marketing through free samples and freebies in India and the customers who can get branded products or Freebies absolutely Free! Free! Free! are mentioned below.

Reward Me- Freebie Products Online

Reward Me is a website from the world’s leading brand Procter & Gamble which is also famously known as P&G. If you have not heard about the name which is rare then you must know that P&G is the name of the company which owns some of the best known Brands not just in India but in the world like Ambi Pur, Ariel, Braun, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Olay, Old Spice, Oral B, Pampers, Pantene, Whisper, etc. So if this prospect of getting Freebies from these brands excite you, then Reward Me is the place you should go.

Save My Rupee- Free Samples Online

Save My Rupee is another website that comes up with great deals with which you can get Free Products and Freebies in India from various top Brands across categories such as Makeup, Cosmetics, FMCG and more.

Sample & Try- Free Samples & Freebies Online

Sample & Try is one of India’s first all sampling website where you can get samples of products across various categories. Sample & Try finds you free samples and Freebies and delivers them at your doorstep absolutely free.

Toluna- Samples & Freebie Products Online Free

Toluna is the last in our list of freebies Products Websites. Toluna takes surveys and sends you free samples and Freebies to your postal address, so that you can try and then give your feedback about the product. If you are excited by the thought of Free Products then visit Toluna.

Freebies! But How?

Now after getting the list of websites where you can get Free Samples and Freebies, all you need to do is Register on either one of them and if you like, then may be just on all of them and get as many Freebies Products and Free Samples from well known Brands at times before they are launched exclusively delivered at your doorstep. You can also register on these sites using your Facebook profiles to bypass the procedure of filling forms.

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