Oppo F5 Release Date In India; Price, Specifications And Launch Offers

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Oppo F5 Release Date In India; Price, Specifications And Launch Offers

Oppo F5:Oppo F5 is one of the most hyped about phone which is making a round in the market. With the anticipation of the brand new phone launched by the very promising company Oppo, it is hard not to talk about the various improvised and quality features which this mobile phone is about to provide. With an extremely affordable price range, the Oppo F5 mobile phone become the one cell phone you've been dreaming of. Every detail and specification which you will require before making a final decision of buying this phone is mentioned below. So go all out and buy your very new Oppo F5.

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Blu Vivo 8L
  • Price : Rs. 24,999
  • OS : Android (Nougat)
  • RAM : 6 GB
  • Internal Memory : 64 GB
  • Display Size : 6 inches
  • Processor : Snapdragon 835 Processor
  • CPU : Octa Core 2.45 GHz
  • Camera (Rear) : 20 MP
  • Camera (Front) : 16+16 Dual MP
  • Battery : 4000 mAh
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The new Oppo F5 is one of those phones which the customers have been waiting for since a really long time. With intensely long lasting battery life, amazing camera quality and undeniably affordable price range this phone is a must have for every young person who swears by their selfie, spending hours on their phone. The mobile phone has something to offer to every body. The internal memory of Oppo F5 is pretty impressive and the constant disturbance of having no storage capacity is therefore not the problem for an Oppo F5 owner. All in all, this phone can be your new best friend if you make the right decision of simply buying it.

Release Date/Launch Date Of Oppo F5 In India

The brand new phone By Oppo; Oppo F5 is expected to be released on the 10th Of January, 2018. However, this date is tentative and can change according to the needs and circumstances. If you have made up your mind about buying this phone then you need to wait for a few more days and buy the best android phone within a budget of Rs 30,000.

Online Booking & Registration Date

for the new Oppo F5 android mobile phone there will not be any requirement for a pre booking or any kind of registration online as the mobile phone will be available on two of the best online shopping website Amazon and Flipkart, so you can directly order your new mobile phone from either of the two websites.

Oppo F5: Upcoming Sale & Launch Offers

Since the release of the new Oppo F5 is set to be on the 10th of January, we can state a definitive time for the upcoming sales and launch offers. Once, that information is available, we will surely update you on the news. However, you can look around for more offers on mobile phones from here.

Reviews On Oppo F5

So far, the information we have gathered about the upcoming Oppo F5 mobile phone is beyond just satisfactory. This phone is surely the talk of the town and only for the right reasons. With resonable pricing, long battery life, appealing camera quality and latest android features, this phone is surely a one which you will own for a long time.

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