Paytm IRCTC Train Ticket Offers: Upto 100% Cashback On Train Tickets Booking

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Paytm IRCTC Train Ticket Offers: Upto 100% Cashback On Train Tickets Booking

Paytm Train Ticket Booking is a new service launched by Paytm available both on its mobile app and the desktop site. Paytm has taken its services a step forward with online Train Booking. Millions of lives have been already made easy with the mobile e-wallet. Paying Bills online, making phone recharge, paying at shops, money transfer directly from Paytm account and other services of Paytm acted as a blessing in the times of demonetization and took us another step towards modernization and leading a simpler life. Now Paytm adds train booking to its services and the ease of using its other services can surely make you have a lot of expectations from the new train booking service from Paytm which also includes cancellation and refunds and knowing Paytm how can you miss out on cashback and Paytm Train Ticket Offers.

Paytm Train Ticket Offers And Promo Code

Train Booking on Paytm has a major benefit which is you can use Paytm Promo Codes and Coupons on Train Bookings and get offers which include discounts and cashback like you can get a free movie ticket on booking a train ticket online on Paytm, you may also get Rs 11 voucher by booking your tickets online on Paytm, which is valid for Digital Gold Purchase only. By using Paytm for booking tickets online you may also get to have access to Train e-tickets double bonanza sale with which you are not required to pay the extra service charges and payment getaway charges over the cost of the train tickets.

Paytm Train Booking

Train Booking is made easy through Paytm and you nomore have to run to the brokers for making reservations and pay them extra charge for their service of booking your train which can now be easily done on Paytm.

You need to log in to Paytm and click on the train icon, give dates and place and from the list of shown trains select train, number of passengers and preferred seats. Pay through your Paytm wallet or using your credit/debit cards or visa cards. You can also use coupons at the time of checkout and avail cashback offers on train booking. Your e-ticket will be mailed and texted to you. You can also check the status of your train booking on Paytm.

But for doing train booking on Paytm you must have an IRCTC account. If you do not have one there is nothing to worry because in the middle of the procedure you if you cannot enter your IRCTC login details then you can sign up for the same. Visit Paytm Recharge Offers

You can only book train tickets for only upto 6 people in general and upto 4 in tatkal.

Paytm Train Cancellation and Refunds

Train Bookings can be cancelled on Paytm just like the way product purchase orders are cancelled, by logging into your Paytm profile and going to the my orders section. Select the name of the passenger whose ticket you want to cancel and press the cancel button. Just by pressing the cancel button the cancellation procedure gets initiated and once the procedure is completed you get notified with a confirmation mail and message.

After the cancellation of your booking is done, your money is refunded to the source account using which it has been paid earlier. That means the money will get refunded to the bank if it was paid using Debit/Credit Card, if the payment was done using Paytm Account then the money will be refunded to your Paytm account.

No money refunds is possible in case of cancellation of tickets after chart preparation and a confirmed tatkal ticket.

If waitlisted tatkal ticket is cancelled, the money would be refunded to the source account after deducting an amount of service charge by IRCTC.

The money gets credited to your account within 10 working days.

Common Questions Asked

Why should I book train tickets on Paytm?

Train ticket booking becomes easy and swift with Paytm and also you can use Paytm promo codes and coupons to get discount and cashback on train ticket booking.

Does cancellation of train ticket gets money refund?

Train ticket cancellation will get the money refunded to your paying source account within 10 working days. But refund has conditions applied such as:

  • No refund after chart preparation
  • No refund in case of confirmed tatkal tickets
  • Waitlisted tatkal ticket cancellation will fetch your refund after service charge deduction
For more train ticket booking discount coupon codes & offers, Visit Freecharge Train Ticket Offers or Mobikwik Train Ticket Offers .
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