PhonePe Calculator Offers

By Sayani Biswas
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PhonePe Calculator Offers

PhonePe Calculator Offers : Flipkart has kept pace with the other online shopping websites and introduced its very own wallet named ‘PhonePe Wallet’, two years back. This time Flipkart has come up with an innovative device that is built to improve the accessibility of PhonePe Wallet. Though the functionality of the PhonePe Wallet remains same, yet this device ensures payment in a modified way, without requirement of internet connection. Yes! It's true. To know more about Flipkart PhonePe Calculator Offers, be with us.

How Does Flipkart’s PhonePe Calculator Works?

Before we move on to the working procedure of Flipkart’s PhonePe Calculator, let us know few more facts associated with PhonePe Calculator. Flipkart PhonePe Calculator is termed as Smart Point Of Sale Device (POS) which can be used by merchants of kirana stores, petrol pumps and restaurants. The PhonePe Calculator is made free of cost for the merchants as of now but they have to pay a little amount of security deposit in order to avail the PhonePe Calculator. This device looks like an ordinary medium sized calculator and probably comes in two color variants, viz., black and brown. The calculator also has a big PhonePe key which when pressed ensures processing of transaction. An important fact related to the transaction of Flipkart PhonePe Calculator or POS Device is that merchants can cancel or abort transactions in the middle of processing if they want (in case of any error feed). PhonePe Calculator works in a pretty simple fashion. Customers must have Phonepe Wallet installed into their smartphone before transacting. The device works with bluetooth connectivity instead of internet connection and comes with regular AA batteries that is claimed to last 8-12 months at a stretch. Merchants have to feed the device with the transaction amount and press the big PhonePe key. The customers have to bring their smartphone possessing PhonePe Wallet app close to the device with bluetooth kept active. The wireless Bluetooth connection of PhonePe Calculator will automatically feed itself with the required details of the customer. Once done, customers will be notified via a SMS having transaction details and status stating successful or failed. Another most important thing of this device is that it does not require any third party hardware or software to function.

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