Pizza Hut 199 Offer: Buy Any 2 Medium Pan Pizza At Rs 199

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Pizza Hut 199 Offer: Buy Any 2 Medium Pan Pizza At Rs 199

Every food lover out there can relate to the unanimous and undying love we humans have for pizzas. Whatever be the kind, a veg or a non-veg, pizza brings together our near and dear ones fighting over that last piece of pizza which is up for grabs. In order to keep the celebration of this universal love for pizzas alive, Pizza Hut was launched in India in the late nineties. Pizza Hut has been successful in bringing joy and happiness to every pizza lover in India .

This restaurant chain is India’s leading food service brand where pizzas of all kinds are available, be it a veggie supreme, an exotica, a paneer vegorama or a chicken supreme, triple chicken feast or chicken italiano. With Pizza Hut, pizza is never about just feeding your hunger but is also about making fond memories with your loved ones and in order to make the experience even better, Pizza hut brings to its devoted customers various exclusive offers for just Rs 199.

Pizza Hut’s Rs 199 Offer Called ‘The Big Range’

Pizza Hut has brought for its customers a new offer at a shocking rate of Rs 199. On this offer several different kinds of pizzas comprising five veg and two non-veg pizzas are available.‘The Big Range’ pizza comes with eight big mouth-watering slices. garnished with fresh toppings like olive, paneer, paprika and other delicious toppings. The pizzas are covered from edge to edge in mozzarella cheese. Along with that,we also get the additional topping of Pizza Hut’s signature tangy sauce which enhances the flavours tremendously. These appetizing range of pizzas come at an extremely affordable price of Rs 199 each and the non-veg pizzas start at a price of Rs 269 only. The BIG pizza range is true to its name as the pizzas are big in size, taste and choice as well. These pizzas under the Big range offer also come with premium toppings such as olives,corn,paprika and many more.

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Unlimited Pizza Offer At Rs 199 By Pizza Hut

Another such offer given out by Pizza Hut is The Pizza Hut Unlimited offer. This offer is available in various parts of the country such as Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Delhi/NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Gujarat and Hyderabad.Under this exclusive offer, customers get an opportunity to have unlimited number of pizzas within a budget of Rs 199, excluding the taxes. This offer is valid on selected medium pizzas. The exciting factor about this deal is that each individual gets to have as many pizzas as they’d like, however they cannot share the pizzas with anyone else.Along with that no other deal can be combined with this specific offer. The offer is exclusively valid on Fridays only. The Pizza Hut Unlimited Offer is a dine in offer only. On this offer no take outs or deliveries are allowed as it defeats the purpose and excitement of the offer.

These exciting offers draw in a lot of customers who leave with a full stomach and a truckload of memories made over pizzas.

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