Uber Delhi: Offers & Promo Codes

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Uber Delhi: Offers & Promo Codes

Uber has very successfully taken the country by storm and is only growing thereafter. As Uber is now available in every big and small city alike, people of India are relieved by this convenient and cheap facility provided for making travelling easier. Uber users no longer have to wait in the middle of the road trying to make a taxi stop for them, only to get refused in the end. With Uber available, people can now call the cab below their houses while waiting for it in the comfort of their homes.

Like every other part of India, Uber has become a rage in Delhi as well. The natives of Delhi can book a cab from anywhere with a simple click on the app. Uber shows you the estimated amount that you will be charged for travelling from your preferred pick up point to your destination along with the car details. After checking out the details of the process, you can book the Uber and within minutes the car will be at your disposal.

Different Offers Available For Uber Delhi Users

Uber Delhi users are given various exciting offers to avail for an even cheaper travelling experience. Uber gives out offers like getting upto Rs 600 off by using various codes for booking the Uber cab and getting upto 80% off through various coupon companies is also available via Uber. A special offer for all UberGo users in Delhi/NCR region is available where they can get rides for Rs 49 or less within an 8 km radius in Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, Ghaziabad and Faridabad. Uber gives out discounts and cashbacks through various other credit and debit cards, recharge apps and coupon companies as well.

Promo Codes On Uber

Uber has an exclusive scheme for its new and old users alike. Promo codes on Uber allow new users to get first ride free or at least Rs 50 off on the first three rides if the user has come to Uber by reference through another Uber-using friend. Correspondingly, the existing Uber app users can get Rs 250 off on a ride if they refer Uber to a friend and make them travel by Uber. Uber also allows special offers during any festive season such as Holi, Diwali, Independance Day etc.

Flipkart offers

E-wallet Companies’ Uber Offers

With the battle between e-wallet companies, the offers presented by them is getting bigger and bigger and it only gets better for Uber users. With paytm, if an uber user pays his fare via paytm wallet and give the code DEAL150 then they can get upto Rs 150 off on two rides with Uber. Along with that Uber users can now pay for their fare via jio money as well.

Bank Offers With Uber

With the collaboration between various banks and Uber, Uber users all over the country can now get a set of additional offers such as getting discounts for payments done via specific debit and credit card. Various big banks such as HDFC, ICICI, SBI and others hand out special uber offers for their users. HDFC users can now get two free Uber rides worth Rs 150 if paid via HDFC credit and debit card. Similarly, with ICICI credit and debit card payment, users can get upto Rs 100 off on their travelling experience.

Different Uber Cars Service Available In Delhi

Uber has an exclusive set of cars available for its users for all their needs and requirements.UberPool allows the users to share their mode of commute with another passenger who might have to travel in the same direction. Uberpool charges Rs1.5 per minute for each user. Similarly, for UberGo the base fare is Rs 49 with a per minute fare of Rs 1.5. For UberX which allows you to book a bigger car the base fare is Rs Rs 58 but the cancellation fee is Rs 78.Uber has launched a new service of UberMoto in Delhi where the nearest motorcycle to your location will pick you up, the driver will provide you with a helmet and you will be dropped at your destination. The base fare for UberMoto is Rs 5 whereas the cancellation fees is Rs 15. An Uber airport service has also been launched in Delhi where people coming out from the airport can instantly book an uber at any time of the day where the base fare is Rs 84, with the cost per minute of Rs 2. 12 and the cancellation fee is Rs 104. These appealing services given out by Uber helps the people of Delhi in more than one way to commute with comfort.

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