Yepme Shoes At Rs 299 Sale: Casual Shoes, Sports Shoes And Formal Shoes

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Yepme Shoes At Rs 299 Sale: Casual Shoes, Sports Shoes And Formal Shoes

With the growing need to shop more and pay less ,Yepme brings out its exclusive range of shoes for only Rs 299 and under, for both men and women. Through this initiative by Yepme, people can now afford two pairs of shoes for the price of one. Various types of shoes starting from Rs.199 are available at From casual shoes for men to party wear high heels for women, every type of shoe is available in a vast amount with this special offer of Rs 299 and under.

The Different Types Of Shoes Available On Yepme @ Rs 299 And Rs 199

This recognised brand of Yepme has successfully produced a massive number of shoes of various kinds within a budget of approximately Rs 299 as an exclusive deal. The website has a special section on the left hand side which categorises the different types of shoes it makes for both men and women along with the options of size, colour, material etc.

Exclusive Range Of Shoes And Sizes Available For Men On Yepme

Men and women flock like birds to Yepme shopping website as there is no other shopping website with such great deals to satisfy their customers. A large number of football shoes, sports shoes, flip flops, mojaris, formal shoes, casual shoes, premium shoes and sandals are offered for any sporty, casual or formal affair can be yours for only Rs 299. Yepme makes shopping even more convenient by mentioning the colours and sizes available on their website.Tan, maroon, red, white, pink , whatever be the colour, it is all available on the site from sizes 4 to 11.

Range Of Shoes, Patterns And Sizes Available For Women On Yepme

For women on the other hand, Yepme does not fail to proffer a number of shoes. Flats, boots, gladiators, majoris, bellies, wedges, heels, flip flops and sandals everything is available on Yepme for just Rs. 299 and under.There are printed, checked, striped and solid styles and patterns for women’s shoes on yepme, available for casual outings, formal, sports, ethnic or other such events The sizes offered for women’s shoes on yepme ranges from sizes 3 to 10 which can start from a range of Rs 199 as well.

Materials Used For Making Shoes On Yepme

It is a known fact that material massively matters when it comes to shoes. As comfort is one element which each one of us look for primarily, therefore when it comes to fashion, Yepme’s offer of shoes for Rs 299 and under comes to our rescue. The shoes that are available on Yepme are made of various comfortable materials such as leather, PCU, EVA, rexine, faux leather, PVC, TPR, polyester, mesh, synthetic, velvet, canvas, lycra etc These materials are used for shoes for both men and women.

Similar Offers Available On Yepme

Yepme gives out a number of different offers for different price ranges other than the Rs.299 offer. Starting from a reasonable price of Rs.199, it shoots upto above Rs.1500 as well. This is available on the Yepme website exclusively. However, the next best offer one can get on yepme with an affordable pricing range is the offer for shoes under Rs.399. The shoes available under this offer are mostly leather sandals, formal shoes and sports shoes for men and flip flops, loafers, basic sandals, bellies etc for women. Another special offer which allures a number of customers are the 2 for Rs 299 deal after a discount of 25% at the least. Yepme keeps introducing new and refreshing offers for its customers every now and then which makes Yepme one of the fastest growing online shopping brand.

Questions that may follow

Can we return a shoe if it does not fit or if it does not match our liking?

Yepme provides its customers with the chance to refund or exchange any commodity if it is not liked, where you will get a full refund of your paid money. You can apply for refund or exchange from the date of delivery till the 30th day. However, any application of refund or exchange beyond the mentioned date will be denied.

How long does the refund process take?

Once the product reaches the warehouse and the quality check is done with, it only takes two days time to initiate the refund process on yepme.

How to know when my order will be delivered?

You can simply click on the track my order icon to get every information regarding the dispatching, shipping and delivery of your purchase.

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